European Crossfire Ricochets into Open Beta

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It’s time for European players to choose their fight! Which mercenary corporation will you fight for in Crossfire Europe? Players accepted into the closed beta test (CBT) can now enter the combat zone and begin fragging away. Closed beta will run through Sept.12 20:59 CET/18:59 GMT on SG Interactive’s European-optimized servers.crossfire EU in open beta

Beta testing is not without its rewards! SG Interactive has plenty locked and loaded for closed beta:

  • Just for creating a new character during the closed beta period, players will receive the following timed or permanent items:

    • Crossfire Logo Spray - lasts seven days

    • M4AI Assault Rifle

    • Smoke Grenade

  • Any player that reaches the rank of Private (level 2) during closed beta will automatically receive the following on the first day of open beta:

    • Water Bottle - lasts 30 days

    • 20,000GP

    • Permanent BC-Axe WCG Melee Weapon

  • To go out with a bang, there will be a huge send off 3 hours before the end of closed beta by the GMs (Sept. 12 18:00 CET/16:00 GMT).

    • Players who take a screenshot and upload it to the Crossfire Europe official forums will be entered for one of ten chances to win a $50 Amazon Gift Certificate. (The Official CBT GM Screenshot Thread will be posted and announced on that day.)
  • There’s more! Players who participate in the closed beta will have something waiting for them at open beta:

    • Founder Card - This is a special permanent banner that will be distributed only to players who joined closed beta

    • Players will be able to keep their closed beta in-game name

Beta keys are still circulating with select partner sites, so sharpshooters who have not registered yet may still gain entry to the firing ground at any time before closed beta ends on September 12. For more information, and to play the game, please visit

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