Strategic Command WW1 1914-1918 The Great War v1.03 Released

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The v1.03 patch for Strategic Command: World War One 1914-198 The Great War is a significant upgrade to the release version. In fact, with the completely new "1939 Storm over Europe" WW2 campaign, it is a free add-on in anything but name!Fortress Europe

The v1.03 patch includes all previous upgrades as well as entirely new bug fixes, and at least two new important improvements:

  • Up to 50% faster AI
  • New Paratroop intercept rule that allows enemy fighters to intercept your attempted Paratroop drops

Save games created with earlier versions of the game are NOT compatible with this patch. Please finish your in-progress games before applying this patch.


More patch features

Play WWII in Europe like never before and experience the thrill of sending your Panzers deep into Russia, the anticipation of victory in the battle for the Atlantic, or the exhilaration of finally turning the tide and storming fortress Europe!


New features (released with v1.02):

  • Forced March has been added to represent the rapid movement of large bodies of troops over long distances at high speed. However, this rapid movement incurs a significant cost in unit cohesion as it will tire the units, reducing their combat effectiveness for a short period.
  • The new submarine combat model enhances the use of submarines either as commerce raiders or in an ambush role against enemy surface vessels. Running in silent mode now also gives submarines a chance of passing undetected through enemy Destroyers.
  • The new Research system has three main features
    • Research progression every turn.
    • Progress is trackable.
    • Guaranteed ultimate success.

Once research has progressed beyond 25% there is a chance every turn of a breakthrough, with an automatic success once 100% has been reached.

This new system will ensure that there is a minimum and maximum length of time before a research advance is achieved, while also ensuring that the date of achievement isn’t entirely predictable. One result of this is that there will no longer be any immediate breakthroughs in the turn you start researching a category.

The new research system aims to be both less random and more realistic than before while also enhancing the overall gaming experience.

At the same time as introducing these new features and releasing 1939 Storm over Europe, we have significantly improved all three main WWI campaigns.

Improvements from v1.01 are included in this patch as well, such as:

  • Unit Swapping, adjacent units can now have their positions easily swapped with a new in game swapping mechanism.
  • Movement path is now also highlighted under friendly units to show the full reach of a moveable unit.
  • Air units can now move at 50% of available action points when located on a snow, rain and sandstorm tile.

National Morale is now increased anytime an enemy naval unit is sunk at the value of the enemy naval unit in MPPs


1939 Storm over Europe - Official AAR

1939 Storm over Europe, the new and grand scale flagship WWII campaign, is now downloadable as free bonus content to Strategic Command WWI: The Great War 1914-1918. 




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