Ms. Splosion Man Teams up with Penny Arcade for TMS Challenge 2

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Twisted Pixel announced the 2nd in a series of themed TMS challenges for Ms. Splosion Man.  The challenge shows up in the opening menus of the game (Play the Challenge), but only for the duration of the contest, which runs until September 11th. Twisted Pixel has teamed up with Penny Arcade for this post PAX challenge, and features the ever popular Fruit Juicing machine (you know his name, we won’t repeat it), that is out to get Ms. Splosion Man.

Ms. Splosion man vs. Fruit F----ker

There are 9 of Penny Arcade’s evil “fruit-juicing” robots hidden in this level. They are worth big points, so in order to win this challenge, you’ll have to find them all!  Don’t forget, killing scientists, destroying things, and getting a good time also factor into your final score. There are no shoes.  1st, 2nd, and 3rd places on the leaderboards will each win the full Prize Pack, which includes Penny Arcade and Ms. Splosion Man swag!  The competition runs until September 11th, so get to splodin’ and top out the leaderboard!

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