UK Ace Combat Assault Horizon Pre-order Deal at GAME

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Fans who pre-order Ace Combat Assault Horizon at GAME will receive a unique free set of three additional skills to help them fight tactically against deadly airborne enemies during fierce online multiplayer combat.ace combat game pre-order

Details of the skills are:

  • Enhanced DFM+:  players can more easily initiate DFM (Dog Fight Mode), while making it more difficult to initiate ASM (Air Strike Mode). Use this skill to initiate DFM early, and suppress other players. This skill is perfect for those who aim to dominate in competitive online battles.
  • Enhanced ASM+: players can more easily initiate ASM, while making it more difficult to initiate DFM. Request support from allied attack pilots while using this skill to quickly attack bases and the enemy HQ. This skill is perfect for those who want to concentrate their attacks on the enemy HQ.
  • MG Cool Down+: players can reduce the likelihood of the machine gun overheating, while sacrificing firepower. With this skill, it is possible to use the machine gun’s rapid fire capabilities for longer thereby increasing the chances of attacking the enemy. This skill is perfect for those who like to take full advantage of the machine gun.

Each skill offers a combat advantage but comes at a price encouraging smart tactical use.  By using the Friendly Assist System players can share their skills with up to three friends in team battles.

Ace Combat Assault Horizon features three competitive multiplayer modes – Deathmatch, Domination and Capital Conquest – each offering lightning-fast online air battles.

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