AMD Official DiRT 3 Key List Leak Statement

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GDN just received a note from AMD’s public relations with the following information about the stolen list of DiRT 3 codes:AMD diRT3 not their fault

This past weekend, activation keys associated with free Dirt 3 game vouchers shipping with select AMD products were compromised.  These activation keys were hosted on a third-party fulfillment agency website,, and did not reside on AMD’s website.  Neither the AMD nor Codemasters servers were involved.

We are working closely with Steam, Codemasters, and our fulfillment agency, to address the situation. AMD will continue to honor all valid game vouchers, however the current situation may result in a short delay before the vouchers can be redeemed.

This was obviously to make sure that consumer faith in the brand remained untainted and to be sure that everyone knew their servers were not compromised. This time round, it also seems that Codemasters’ servers were not breached either.

A quick whois of that domain shows that the fulfillment agency must be Rayment & Collins as it was registered by them and the domain name records point to their servers. So it seems that the security breach seems to have been the fault of that firm as the website seems to have been set up solely for the purpose of giving those keys away. They also handled the Battlefield Play for Free Beta Email Campaign for AMD and several other Radeon projects include sell sheets for Radeon and Deus Ex. It simply seems, they need better network security.

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