Star Supremacy Closed Beta Set for September 19th

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For the players who have been patiently waiting, they can soon experience the Star Supremacy Closed Beta. This will be a unique experience for players who are sci-fi gamers and love playing browser-based games.  The gate will be officially open for the 19th of September at 8pm PST!

Star Supremacy main screen

Barbily Games would like to warmly invite you to the upcoming Closed Beta launch of the new free web MMO Star Supremacy. Prepare your tactics, charge your lasers and plan your path of colonisation before our big launch. There are only limited Beta-Keys available so make sure that you get yours from our links on our beta page!  Will you be the victor and can you prove your worthiness of command in a hostile universe?

Gameplay features include:

  • Design unique ships from a simple ship schematic to a large fleets
  • Research meaningful technologies that bring real benefits to their progress
  • Combat with their alliances for unique locations on planets, or join alliance to get research bonuses
  • Enjoy automated trade routes that get rid of the traditional manual management, by linking their colony to resources nodes, between their own colonies or from enemy colonies they conquer!
  • Train their commanders to forge the most powerful commanders for their colonies and fleets!
  • Complete quest system that smoothly guides the player step by step into the game, gradually discover the background story of the universe they are in

Be sure to get your Star Supremacy Closed Beta Key and Start Up tips

star supremacy battle

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