iPolygon Puzzle action for iOS

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InfinityK Games, best known for creating kinetic mobile gaming apps, has today announced that a new update for iPolygon is live on the App Store. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod ipolygontouch devices running on iOS 4.1 or later, iPolygon 2.0 is an exciting new mobile puzzle adventure from the makers of the wildly popular Duck Hunt AR! To play, users navigate an eyeball held inside of a polygon, catching various other spheres to rack up points and find a way to break free of their multi-lateral prison and move onto the next level. Newly updated, version 2.0 of this game features universal compatibility, touch controls (in addition to tilt controls), full Game Center integration, as well as new sounds and upgraded graphics. iPolygon 2.0 is currently available for download on the Apple App Store for free in the Games category.

For any mobile gamers that are tired of unoriginal mobile gaming titles and puzzle retreads, iPolygon is one app acquisition making. The game offers a new spin on arcade style puzzle action, and one that amps up the exhilaration and mental engagement without compromise. Using either touch-screen or tilt controls, users navigate a neon blue eyeball around a polygon, figuring out the quickest way to break out. To do so they need to slide into a red ball - which turns their eye into a spiked wrecking ball - and break any wall that’s in their path. As levels slide by the polygons become more complex and harder to navigate, and its up to the user to figure out a successful strategy to escape.

iPolygon isn’t a one trick pony though. Besides to control options, the game includes two unique modes of play as well. Arcade mode tests players to the extreme, starting them out with a limited number of lives and pushing them to battle through increasingly more complicated polygons whose walls get thicker and tougher to break level by level. On the other hand, in Marathon mode players need only worry about the number of sides each polygon level entails, as wall thickness doesn’t increase from level to level. The game includes a high score leaderboard and full Game Center integration to allow hardcore users to compete for top scores against everyone in the iPolygon community as well. There’s no reason you have to fill your smartphone with uninspired or unoriginal arcade puzzle gaming duds any longer. Get iPolygon and experience the refreshment of a unique new take on puzzle gaming that’s worth getting sucked into!

InfinityK: http://www.infinityk.com/
iPolygon 2.0: http://www.infinityk.com/2011/09/ipolygon/


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