GameStop Gaming Tablet to be Android-powered

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GameStop is working on the first gaming tablet with their name on it. To be dubbed a "GameStop certified gaming platform," does that mean that the current consoles are not GameStop certified? What about PCs?gamestop looking to brand tablet

They did not announce what model it will actually be, just that they "definitely have one selected," as they do not plan on getting into hardware manufacturing since there are a plethora of tablet options already available. The tablet will come pre-loaded with a small selection of titles and GameStop will use their latest acquisitions to stream games to the platform and it is set to have a dedicated controller as well to make sure that the game experience isn’t lessened by just a touch interface.

So it seems they hope to combine actual Android games along with console/PC titles streamed through their Spawn Labs-based service (the aforementioned acquisition).

It definitely looks like the cloud-based, games-on-demand space is going to continue to heat up and the players continue to expand their services.

These types of services have some drawbacks that might keep some gamers away:

  • Requires a fast Internet connection for the best experience
  • No way to play offline due to no local copy of the game

But they also have some benefits including the ability to try actual games before you buy them as OnLive offers some free time with a lot of games. Plus, you can rent games for three or five days and pay monthly (around $10) for unlimited play on a wide selection of games. So $120, the price of two games, could get you a year of gaming and even play those games on multiple devices.

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