Namco Game-inspired PaperCraft Available from Desktop Gremlins

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This should give you something to do while things are slow in the office. Grab up some papercraft from Desktop Gremlins. What better way to spend your work time and abuse the office printer?dark souls papercraft

Namco Bandai have teamed up with the very talented David Landis, creator of Desktop Gremlins to produce four exclusive, Namco Bandai themed papercrafts. Ace Combat: Assault Horizon, SOULCALIBUR V, Dark Souls and perennial favourite, Pac-Man, have all been given the Desktop Gremlin treatment and can be downloaded for immediate construction at

So what is a Desktop Gremlin? Well…Desktop Gremlins are downloadable papercraft construction projects that are fun to build, display and share. They start life as a letter-size PDF that you print onto glossy photo paper (for best results). Afterwards, all you need is a pair of scissors and about 10 minutes of free time. Desktop Gremlins are unique because you never need glue or tape to assemble your papercraft! The site has welcomed over 100,000 visitors from over 11,000 different cities all over the planet. Build your own mischief-maker today.

You can check out product specific Desktop Gremlins below: - Pac-Man - Ace Combat: Assault Horizon - SOULCALIBUR V - Dark Souls

Alternatively, you can download them all in a zip file from GDN (right click, save as).

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