Five-Week Rolling Thunder Tournament to Hit HeroClix Online

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Developers of HeroClix Online, a digital transliteration of the popular combat-oriented tabletop game, alerted players today of a downpour headed to the online game. “Rolling Thunder,” a heroclix combatfive-week-long event will test players’ skills as they battle it out in rolling tournaments for one of five limited-edition Marvel figures!

Rolling Thunder will run September 16 through October 20.

Following the recent integration of Sealed rolling tournaments to HeroClix Online, the “Rolling Thunder” event will offer players a chance to score virtual, limited-edition figures for their feats. Every week between Sept. 16 and Oct. 20 a new limited-edition Marvel figure will be awarded to First Place winners of ongoing sealed rolling tournaments.

Limited edition figures from the Marvel collection include Samantha Parrington, Skull-Brother, Gharskygt, Son of Surtur and Thor, the Reigning.

Infinity Challenge Figures

In a separate announcement they have also stated that next week will see the release of the Infiniity Challenge figure set in the game, which were some of the first Marvel HeroClix ever available in physical form.

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