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Nine years ago, in the early days of the Open Gaming movement, Necromancer games made history with its publication of the Tome of Horrors, a massive libram of monsters culled from tome of horrors completemore than 30 years of the world’s oldest roleplaying game. Produced under special arrangement with Wizards of the Coast, the Tome of Horrors provided third edition rules for hundreds of proprietary monsters dating back to the earliest days of the game that started it all. Best of all, the Tome of Horrors added these creatures to the list of monsters all publishers could use under the Open Gaming License, and all of our campaigns became richer because of it.

Even today, Paizo’s editors use many Tome of Horrors monsters when writing and developing Pathfinder adventures. Almost a decade after it first came out, the Tome of Horrors remains the only source for third edition interpretations of many classic, memorable creatures that have been with many of us for most of our lives like the caterwaul, frost man, dragonnel, and the mighty nilbog.

But the Tome of Horrors (and its sequels Tome of Horrors II and III) are now long out of print, and even those of us lucky enough to have copies must adapt the statistics to the updated Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. For a while there it started to look like the Tome of Horrors would be a thing of the past.

Original Necromancer Games partners Clark Peterson and Bill Webb have teamed up with Pathfinder superstar Greg A. Vaughan to produce an all-new Tome of Horrors, the Tome of Horrors Complete! This 800-page volume, which contains all three previous volumes plus new material fully updated to the Pathfinder RPG, contains more than 750 stat blocks, and dwarfs our own Core Rulebook and the legendary Ptolus campaign setting to weigh in as the largest roleplaying game book I’ve ever seen.

A project of this magnitude had to have a catch, of course, and in this case the catch is a doozy. The Tome of Horrors Complete was printed in extremely limited quantities, and once that first print run is gone, it’s gone for good. By special arrangement with the publisher, has managed to secure the lion’s share of the print run, but even these (we’re talking hundreds of copies, here) are sure to sell out in record time.

As a special offer to customers, we’re offering $10 off our price for the Tome of Horrors Complete print and PDF bundle ($99.99). This offer extends only until Thursday, September 22, 2011, but we don’t expect the full print run to last even that long.

This is your one and only chance to pick up the updated print version of this legendary book, certainly one of the most important in the history of Open Gaming. Best of all, it’s been updated to the Pathfinder RPG rules, and will work seamlessly with your other Pathfinder products.

But the Tome of Horrors Complete will not last forever. Place your order today to make sure you don’t miss out!

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