Xbox TV Set for Holiday 2011, Not Exactly What We Expected

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As if confirming what we were told at E3 there have been some recent reports that Microsoft will roll out Xbox TV this holiday season. This comes from a recent conference call about their financial reprots. Xbox 360 tv coming soon

What we didn’t know was how they were going to do it and it seems like it’s aimed at gamers who don’t already have the console more than those who do and want to cut their cable bill.

It seems that they are looking to have the Xbox 360 as part of cable operator offerings so that the content can be delivered to the Xbox 360. So for example, if you have Time Warner Cable, you could then have an app on the dashboard of the Xbox 360 that allowed you to stream video on demand from them.

It is also said to include some live events that can be purchased and streamed through the console. However, the benefit to gamers remains to be seen. Most likely you will only be able to get content from whatever provider you are using, for example, that have integrated with AT&T U-Verse and are now giving users the ability to use their Xbox 360 to stream live TV.


With Xbox 360 as a TV receiver, you can:

  • Access your DVR recordings from your existing Xbox 360.
  • Switch seamlessly from playing games to watching TV—without switching video inputs on your TV.
  • Experience U-verse TV applications from your Xbox 360.
  • Access the U-verse TV Menu, Guide, and a robust library of On Demand programming.
  • Know instantly when your friends are on Xbox LIVE.
  • Reduce cord clutter and space requirements.
  • Use Xbox IM and Chat while watching TV.

Of course they are charging a good chunk of money for the kit, and you have to have your own Xbox 360 with hard drive, an Xbox LIVE Gold account, a DVR receiver, and of course U-Verse and "Professional installation and a hardware kit are required." Sort of lame really and just another expense it seems because really, how hard is it to switch the video input on your TV or display? A button press or two at most?



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