Razer Designing Arcade Stick with Gaming Community Help

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Razer has announced their plans to make the ultimate Xbox 360 arcade stick with the help of the fighting game community. There are closed beta signups going round right now after the pro-gamers helped them to design the prototypes.

razer arcade stick

For years, Razer has enlisted the help of pro-gamers in designing highly-advanced competitive gaming peripherals. Our design and technology teams would build extensive prototypes, which pro-gaming teams would in turn test the hell out of. Thanks to this model – our products and technology are validated and used by pro-gamers to aid their wins in eSports tournaments worldwide.


For the first time ever, our top secret elite pro-gamer validation program is opening up to include gamers of all skill levels.

Razer is giving anyone in the arcade stick community a chance to join up to 200+ handpicked arcade stick pro-gamers, champions, modders, and fans to receive and test a prototype of the yet-to-be-named Razer Xbox 360 arcade stick. Then we’ll get your feedback so we can refine this weapon to perfection.


For the finishing touches, up to 200+ specially selected top-seed Street Fighter IV pro-gamers, influential modders, and members of the arcade enthusiast community will each be given a Razer arcade stick to test and provide feedback to further improve it to perfection, whereupon the final design will then proceed to production.

Members of the arcade community worldwide interested in participating in this beta program are encouraged to contribute ideas at www.razerzone.com/bredtofight, along with a short description as to why they should be selected for prototype testing.  Registrants can also nominate other people to the program.  Up to 200+ successful applicants worldwide will receive an arcade stick prototype delivered directly to their homes.

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