Wakfu MMO Gets New Class and Area to Expand Closed Beta Offering

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Published by Square Enix, Inc. and developed by Ankama, WAKFU is an all-new, tactical turn-based MMORPG.  Featuring an amazing anime art style, players can choose from 14 unique character classes and engage in rebuilding a world lost in chaos through strategic combat, crafting, and even national politics!wakfu closed beta gets new content

Beginning today, players will have access to a brand new character class, The Rogue, and area to explore, the Gobball Wilderness, that will enhance their overall gaming experience as they journey through the world of WAKFU.


Champions as much as they are felons, the Rogues associate intelligence with cunning.  Masters in the art of DIY (Do It Yourself), they use and abuse tools and gadgets to carry out their schemes.  They are able to keep their enemies at bay with their weapon of choice – the bomb – and are masterfully trained to get out of any situation.  At the heart of all their malice, only one thing matters: family.


Wilderness areas are made up of two parts: a territory and a conquerable island.  This new area can be accessed from the Fields of Hugo, after crossing an intentionally unobtrusive bridge.  Available to each nation, this semi-submerged wetland is not controlled by a Clan Member, so there are no laws to abide by.


The earth in the Wilderness areas have been churned up by generations of its inhabitants – the wild Gobballs – which has caused relics from the Dofus Era to be uncovered.  They form part of a new category of items, Dofus Remnants, which are orange in color and can be obtained by killing specific members of the Gobball family.  Players beware!  Gobballs are not part of an ecosystem and can respawn automatically!

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