Take on Helicopters to Track Head Movement with TrackIR

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Bohemia Interactive announced, in cooperation with NaturalPoint, that its brand new Helicopter game Take on Helicopters which immerses players within beautifully rich landscapes and an authentic helicopter experience, will include technology supporting the revolutionary controller
TrackIR. take on helicopters

About TrackIR

Experience real time 3D view control in video games and simulations just by moving your head. The only true 6DOF (six degrees of freedom) head tracking system of its kind. Take your flight simulator and action gaming experience to a new level of realism and excitement with the TrackIR.

Take On Helicopters will offer:

  • High fidelity flight dynamics modelling
  • Richly modelled helicopters & cockpits
  • Expansive & detailed environments
  • Powerful & intuitive mission editor
  • Multiplayer in co-op & competitive scenarios


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