Astronaut: Moon, Mars and Beyond – Moonwalk Giveaway

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Project Moonwalk is an exciting videogame that allows you to train as an astronaut and walk in the footsteps of the 1969 Apollo 11 Mission. This game was designed to be used by ages 10 and up and big kids everywhere. Finally, a visit to the moon in an afternoon! Project Moonwalk is made with the Unreal Engine and will be released in Fall 2011. Included are the following levels and features:

  • Soviet Sputnik Launch
  • Kennedy’s Speech at Rice
  • Rocket Fueling and Test Launches
  • Practice Lunar Module Vehicle
  • Saturn V Launch
  • Lunar Landing
  • Flag Planting
  • Laser Reflection Experiment
  • Solar Wind
  • Seismic Experiment
  • Rock Collection
  • Realistic, Accurate Landscapes
  • Return to Earth
  • Zoom Camera Picture Taking for Facebook

Everyone who makes a donation through our Kickstarter campaign will be eligible for the random drawing, so act now!

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