AMD FX Series CPUs Relaunch, Product Round Up

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AMD is relaunching the FX Series CPUs today with the top end 8-core selling for around $245. All of the processors will come unlocked for easy overclocking and enthusiast use.The new AMD FX CPUs arrive!

The AMD FX series of desktop CPUs includes the first-ever eight-core desktop processor, enabling extreme multi-display gaming, mega-tasking and HD content creation for PC and digital enthusiasts – all for less than $245 (suggested U.S. retail price). This marks the first retail availability of processors that use AMD’s new multi-core architecture (codenamed “Bulldozer”), which is included in AMD’s upcoming server CPU (codenamed “Interlagos”) and the next-generation of AMD Accelerated Processing Units.

All AMD FX CPUs offer completely unlocked processor clock multipliers for easier overclocking, paving the way for PC enthusiasts to enjoy higher CPU speeds and related performance gains. Additionally, these processors use AMD Turbo Core Technology to dynamically optimize performance across CPU cores enabling maximum performance for intense workloads.

Starting today, the below AMD FX CPUs will be available from global retailers. Additional AMD FX CPUs and systems based on the AMD FX processors will be available for purchase following the initial launch.

  • FX-8150: Eight cores, 3.6 GHz CPU base (3.9 GHz Turbo Core, 4.2 GHz Max Turbo), $245 suggested retail price (U.S.)
  • FX-8120: Eight cores, 3.1 GHz CPU base (3.4 GHz Turbo Core, 4.0 GHz Max Turbo), $205 suggested retail price (U.S.)
  • FX-6100: Six cores, 3.3 GHz CPU base (3.6 GHz Turbo Core, 3.9 GHz Max Turbo), $165 suggested retail price (U.S.)
  • FX-4100: Four cores, 3.6 GHz CPU base (3.7 GHz Turbo Core, 3.8 GHz Max Turbo), $115 suggested retail price (U.S.)

The new AMD FX Series CPUs support CrossfireX for multiple GPUs, AMD Eyefinity for up to six monitors and the AMD Catalyst Control Center and Vision Engine.

New Offerings Featuring the AMD FX

Along with the announcement from AMD that the FX series CPUs are ready came some announcements of rigs powered by them including:


CyberpowerPC announced the Gamer Scorpius line, a series of desktop gaming PCs based on AMD’s new FX-series “Bulldozer” CPU series. The new Gamer Scorpius series combines AMD’s new FX CPU, Socket AM3+ (900 series chipset motherboard), and AMD Radeon HD 6000 graphics into a desktop gaming rig that has a boost in performance of 50 percent over the previous generation of AMD desktop platforms at a low cost.

Starting prices for CyberpowerPC Gamer Scorpius systems powered by the new AMD FX CPU start at $576.


ORIGIN PC announced today the availability of the new line of AMD FX Processors as options in their fully customizable rigs.


It’s expected that several other high end boutique PC shops will also announce AMD FX availability in their customizable gaming rigs some time today.



Three new systems featuring the powerful new AMD FX 8-Core processors – Gamer Mage D295, Gamer Mage D355, and Gamer Mage D415.  The processors provide iBUYPOWER gamers with speed to burn and when paired with the right configuration will handle any game thrown at it. 

Housed in the Thermaltake V9 BlacX Edition Gaming case, the Gamer Mage D295 features a liquid cooled AMD FX-8120 processor, 8GB of DDR3 Memory, AMD Radeon HD 6870 1GB graphics card, 700W power supply, LG Blu-Ray reader/DVD Burner and a 2TB hard drive, all for just $989.  iBUYPOWER recommends an Ultra setting for Modern Warfare 2, Battlefield Bad Company 2, Call of Duty Black Ops and Crysis 2 based on the Gamer Madge D295 configuration.

The well-equipped Gamer Mage D415 sports a liquid cooled AMD FX-6100 processor, 4GB of DDR3 Memory, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 Ti 1GB graphics card, a 700W power supply,  1TB hard drive,  loaded into NZXT Source 210 Gaming Case for $759.  With this value configuration iBUYPOWER recommends a high setting for Modern Warfare 2, Battlefield Bad Company 2, Call of Duty Black Ops and Crysis 2, and an Ultra setting for Starcraft II and World of Warcraft.

The more powerful Gamer Mage D355 comes locked and loaded with AMD’s top of the line FX-8150 processor, 8GB of DDR3 Memory, the AMD Radeon 6950 2GB graphics card, 800W power supply, 40GB SSD, 2TB hard drive and a LG Blu-Ray reader/DVD Burner drive, packed into a NZXT Guardian 921 Gaming Case for $1,219.  With this high-end configuration iBUYPOWER recommends an Ultra setting for Battle Field Bad Company 2 and Crysis 2 and a Max optimal setting for Starcraft II, Modern Warfare 2, World of Warcraft, and Call of Duty Black Ops.

Additionally, as part of the AMD FX launch iBUYPOWER will be shipping a free copy of Dirt 3 with all AMD FX system orders.

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