Steam Updates and Releases 21 October 2011

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Pre-Purchase Now: L.A. Noire: The Complete Edition, 10% off!

Posted: 21 Oct 2011 11:52 AM PDTnew on steam

L.A. Noire: The Complete Edition is now available for Pre-Purchase on Steam!

Pre-Purchase now to receive 10% off and a copy of Grand Theft Auto III to play now! Already own GTA3? Give the extra copy to a friend!

L.A. Noire is a dark and violent crime thriller, set against the backdrop of 1940’s Los Angeles and utilizes revolutionary new facial animation technology.

The Complete Edition includes all previously released DLC for the console versions (including additional outfits, weapons, and cases such as “Nicholson Electroplating”, “Reefer Madness”, “Naked City”, “Slip of the Tongue”, “Consul’s Car” and more) and makes them available to players from the start.

Left 4 Dead 2 Update Released

Posted: 21 Oct 2011 10:17 AM PDT

Release Notes:
- Encore Mutation: Iron Man

Daily Deal - Cargo! – The Quest for Gravity 66% off!

Posted: 21 Oct 2011 10:00 AM PDT

Today’s Deal: Save 66% off Cargo! – The Quest for Gravity

Look for the deals each day on the front page of Steam. Or follow us on twitter or Facebook for instant notifications wherever you are!

Nuclear Dawn Update Released

Posted: 21 Oct 2011 09:27 AM PDT

General Issues
• Fixed the Command Bunker entity not being created on Linux servers.
• Fixed not being able to spawn on Linux servers.
• Fixed the spectate camera jarring between two camera points when there are no players to spectate.
• Fixed death camera blur and desaturation on MacOS to match PC.
User Interface
• Fixed broken center screen notifications on MacOS.
• Fixed broken tool tip text in commander view on MacOS.
• Fixed the confirm check mark icon when selling structures on MacOS.
• Fixed squad names showing incorrectly on the customize menu of MacOS.

Sequence Updated

Posted: 21 Oct 2011 06:59 AM PDT


-Fixes a game-crashing bug in Tutorial 3.
-Fixes a bug on both the Spellset and Learn Spell screens.

Dungeon Defenders Updated

Posted: 20 Oct 2011 08:52 PM PDT

Update notes:
* Input Configuration now supports Mouse "Thumb" buttons 4 and 5
* Third Person Shooter-style offset Chase Camera for ranged classes, for better aiming
* Fix for a Mission Progression data bug, which could cause an issue with not having levels unlocked that you should have.
* Chat box no longer will close when pressing an alpha-numeric chat button while typing if bound to it
* You are now given the tutorial achievement in Ranked mode, so that you can progress towards Legendary Defender
* Ability Hotkeys 5-0 can now be bound in the Game Config Tool
* More TrendyNet client-side tweaks to further decrease Ranked disconnections
* Issues with Steam Cloud in Local Play should be resolved
* Local data automatic backup system
* Gamepad can now properly control the "Choose Multiplayer Mode" UI
* Improved Monk DPS Ramp

Sequence Updated

Posted: 20 Oct 2011 07:00 PM PDT

- Included a windowed option.
- Game will now run on a wider variety of hardware.
- Game should no longer attempt to reinstall components on every bootup.

Known Issues:
- On certain machines, minimizing and returning to windowed mode causes a periodic twitch. We are working on fixing this shortly.

Team Fortress 2 Update Released

Posted: 20 Oct 2011 05:30 PM PDT

Required updates for Team Fortress 2 are now available. The specific changes include:

  • Improvements to client stability related to loading mesh content during gameplay
  • Fixed an engine error that mentioned CL_CallPostDataUpdates
  • Fixed "Not Usable in Crafting" text not appearing under certain conditions on item tooltips in the trading UI

Weekend Deal - Grand Theft Auto III - Tenth Anniversary

Posted: 20 Oct 2011 05:24 PM PDT

Celebrate the Tenth Anniversary of Grand Theft Auto III with the Weekend Deal. Save 66% on all Grand Theft Auto titles or 75% on the Complete Pack!

With the freedom to go anywhere and jack anyone, Grand Theft Auto 3 puts the dark, intriguing and ruthless world of crime at your fingertips, if you have enough guts to take it.

Xsolla And Valve Announce Cash Payments to Steam in Russia

Posted: 20 Oct 2011 05:03 PM PDT

Gamers Rejoice! Available immediately, over 38 million players in the Russian Federation can add value directly to their Steam Account Wallet via their local cash kiosk.

LOS ANGELES, CA- October 20, 2011

Xsolla, creators of the world’s largest payment network, and Valve, creators of best-selling game franchises (such as Counter-Strike, Half-Life, Left 4 Dead, Portal, and Team Fortress) and leading technologies (such as Steam and Source), today introduced cash payments to Steam from kiosks throughout Russia.

Over 450,000 cash kiosks throughout Russia now offer gamers the ability to add value to their account’s Steam Wallet, enabling millions of gamers to purchase, download and play their favorite games using Steam, the world’s largest social entertainment platform.

Valve chose Xsolla, the leader in game monetization solutions in Russia, to help them make Steam more accessible to gamers in the Russian market.

“We are thrilled to make Steam more accessible to the Russian market, and we believe Xsolla is an ideal partner to help make this happen,” stated Jason Holtman of Valve (Steam).

Albert Donahue, Vice-President & Co-Founder of Xsolla commented: “Xsolla’s partnership with Valve (creator of Steam) will enable millions of gamers in the Russian Federation to enjoy Steam. Steam revolutionized the way games are distributed and experienced- Not only are players able to enjoy over 1500 games through Steam, but they are also able to enjoy the experience with friends and other gamers via the Steam Community, which has over 30 million players. We are excited to partner with Valve to bring Steam to Russia.”

About Xsolla
Xsolla specializes in online games, providing localized in-game payment solutions for global reach. Xsolla has been developing monetization tools for MMO, Social, Mobile and Casual Games for 6 years. Xsolla’s headquarters are in Los Angeles, California with offices in Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus. Xsolla partners with over 200 payment service providers offering credit and pre-paid cards, mobile payments, premium SMS, E-wallets, cash and e-cash, payment kiosks and offers — all within one platform- with no installation, currency exchange or chargeback fees.

Xsolla works with more than 300 publishers worldwide, including Gameforge, Bigpoint, Wargaming, Aeria Games, InnoGames, Travian Games and more. For more information, visit Xsolla online at

Now Available - Football Manager 2012

Posted: 20 Oct 2011 04:00 PM PDT

Football Manager 2012 is Now Available on Steam!

Counting over 800 new features, not including changes to the rules of the games 50+ leagues, Football Manager 2012 promises to be the most realistic, immersive and playable football management simulation ever for any fan who has ever dreamed of making the big decisions, both on and off the field.

Nuclear Dawn Update Released

Posted: 20 Oct 2011 03:35 PM PDT

• Added some extra hints
• Added “_promote_to_commander” console command for plugin authors to promote commanders properly. Please update your plugins to use this as the current method of modifying the send table is causing problems. This command expects 1 argument that is the player index of the player to promote.
• Added team balance system. By default the teams will be balanced at the end of each round. You can modify mp_autoteambalance to change this behavior. 0 = No balancing, 1 = Only balance on end of round (default), 2 = Only balance during the game if there are [mp_unbalance_limit] more players on one team than the other, 3 = Balance throughout the round and at the end of the round. You can also modify mp_autoteambalance_delay to specify the amount of seconds into a round that balancing will occur.
• Added German localization

General Issues
• Fixed the killcam effect when viewed from spectator perspective.
• Fixed the chaingun spin and other blended animation glitches in spectate mode.
• Fixed the flamethrower, blowtorch and other muzzle particle positions in spectate mode.
• Fixed the camera bobbing effect on the weapon and interface from spectate perspective.
• Fixed the spectator camera getting stuck on round end cam at the start of a new round.
• Fixed the sniper scope overlay from spectate perspective.
• Further optimised the poison and radiation cloud particle effects.
• Fixed the iron sight hint showing up, and registering the lesson with the game instructor.
• Fixed the class special ability showing up and being registered with the game instructor.
• Fixed the MP7 sight to be in the proper lowered position (now with illuminated markers!)
• Fixed sprinting after reloading the Avenger causing the reload to fail.
• Fixed Empire power lasers showing to the Consortium when an Empire structure is shrouded.
• Fixed a few issues with the spawn selection after changing teams.
• Added more space between the spawn gates in all the maps to avoid both taken out by one EMP grenade
• Fixed grenades not colliding with some structures
• Grenades now emit a bounce sound
• Ringing sound removed from being near explosions.
• Improved grenade physics
• Fixed grenade launcher grenades disappearing when fired at certain angles.

User Interface
• Added a list of developer and contributor credits to the game, visible when you click the InterWave logo at the bottom center of the main menu.
• Fixed missing soldier icon for control groups 6 through 0.

• Balanced the Avenger against the F2000’s ROF.
• Siege weapon gizmos should now be functional again.
• Stabilizer gizmos should now behave as intended across all weapons.
• Made a pass of balance tweaks to each pair of automatic bullet weapons.
• Reduced the E.M.P effect radius from 400 units to 325, to reduce the number of affected buildings and units per grenade and to encourage better aiming with each throw.
• Reduced the general EMP effect time from 25/10 to 18/3 (max/min)
• Command Bunkers are now EMP-proof, and cannot be shut down

• Clocktower
• Fixed framedrop in the underground area

• Added a hole in the Empire spawn building so you need less relays at the start
• Replaced some cover pieces with much taller versions so you can hide Empire power relays better
• Created a more Empire favoured entrance to the Primary building and sealed off one of the Consortium ones
• Blocked the Consortium being able to build inside the warehouse outside their spawn to make things more balanced (The empire are unable to build inside their equivalent building)
• Switched the team victory cameras round to show the correct ones
• Blocked some visual errors relating to the water
• Made it so you can no longer swim in the dam water (its now too shallow so you should just walk)
• Fixed commanders able to build in the primary resource pit

• Added additional no-build areas in the primary area
• Adjusted no-build areas in the metro station, to fix commanders building in the underground area
• Fixed players getting stuck on the primary console in the bunker
• Fixed a few small issues throughout the map

• Added roof for the glass shield on the Empire side to make the base less exposed for EMP grenades
• Moved a few props around to smooth out player movement
• Fixed a few small issues throughout the map

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