Combat Arms Fusion Final Stage Details

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Later this month, Nexon America’s Combat Arms will experience the third in a series of improvements and content update that players have been clamoring for.Combat Arms

These Fusion updates began in August and brought a series of improvements to Combat Arms each month. Stage one, known as “Enhance,” implemented an Abilities System where players could upgrade their soldiers with powerful skills to gain an advantage in battle. In addition, the new atmospheric map, Hallows Ravine was introduced. September’s update, “Remaster,” brought the release of the Gun Emporium Gold, which provided players with an improved Weapon Customization system, a new type of Forged Weapon, as well as a brand new map exclusively for Clan members.

The third stage, “Restore,” will mark the finale of the Fusion update series. With the return of Bug Fix Month, Nexon will be exterminating bugs in every corner of Combat Arms. One example is the spawn shield: for players who are protected by a spawn shield, the flashing visual effect seen by other players will now correctly match the duration of the protection. In addition, timers displayed on the HUD that use milliseconds will be replaced and corrected.

As an added bonus, improved Weapon Renewal Kits will increase the duration of any Primary or Secondary weapon, including Epics. Hi-Sec Cases will also be updated with better rewards than ever.

More treats and goodies will be added to Combat Arms through October 31, as Halloween themed items will be available through login events, daily goal rewards, and limited time purchases. Players can celebrate the holidays with Pumpkin Cauldron Hi-Sec Cases with increased drop rates and Pumpkin Grenades, while sporting the Scary Hockey Mask, the Guy Fawkes Mask, the Coffin Backpack, and the Skull Head.

 For more information about the Fusion updates or exclusive events for Halloween, visit:

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