Afterfall: Insanity Hussars Spotlight

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The Hussars of Afterfall: InSanity.

  In 1998, when the Republic of Poland introduced a radical restructuring of its army, apart from changes in the regular units, a new, elite force was created - the Hussars. Sent on special the Hussarsmissions and were an incarnation of ideals that had always guided the Army of the Republic. Drawing on tradition, history and advanced technology, designers turned the symbol of victory from the Battle of Kirholm into fully modern suits of power armor with eagle-feathered wings. These wings were an element of their manner of psychological warfare - a frightening image that was equally effective on the battlefield, while transporting VIPs and marching in parade. The primary aim of this unit was to serve as the vanguard of any offensive, to serve as the so-called "Shock Troopers"; always the first to enter the battlefield and last to leave. The phalanx of Hussars was spreading chaos among the enemy ranks and always dealing the most devastating of damage.

Over the span of years, the primary element which helped drive the success of the unit - the Hussar’s power armor - was designed, developed, and continually improved upon. It was equipped with various systems to augment the wearer’s already formidable strengths - the power armor increased the wearer’s strength and dexterity - sharpened their senses as well as serving as protection. It also had a oxygen rebreather system - the armor itself was perfectly airtight. Made of composite materials, it provided an effective protection against shrapnel as well cold steel and tremendously reduced the damage caused by firearms.

The power armor had no weak points larger than four centimeters square. While some elements of the armor could differ, soldiers couldn’t personalize its appearance - it was their tradition to always present a single, viscous, image - but certain elements were designed for modifications and upgrades for use in particular missions and for particular opponents.

The most dangerous of the armor variants, the Assault model, was equipped with a universal mounting rail for attaching a range of weapons. A very popular rail mounted attachment was specially designed for the Hussars and was utterly detested by their opponents - the PGN-1 grenade launcher. The Hussars’ standard weapons were their assault rifles, with the heaviest types being the T-21 Pulsar. While serving as Honor Guards they carried S8x12 shotguns.

  Of course, the Hussar is more than just winged armor. It was the soldiers chosen as part of the unit that were at the heart of its successes. Recruitment was based both on physical and mental predispositions - selecting only the most sturdy and best suited for the intense combat situations from the whole of the Army of the Republic for transfer to the elite unit. The Hussars had their own military code, that, together with an individually encrypted communication channel and the fact that they reported to only to the highest ranking officers made them the subject of rumors concerning some secret code of honor, even creating the specter of a cultish character to this extraordinary unit. Aware of their own uniqueness, Hussars never spoke with common soldiers - this also only served to deepen the gap between them and the regular army.

  Many Hussars served as a Guard of Honor and as sentinels at the important military facilities of the Republic, for example, in the Shelters. Thanks to this fact, the unit survived much of the horror of the Third World War and its members became the keepers of law and order and served as models for the rest of inhabitants. They guarded the most important areas of the Shelters and were accountable only to the High Commanders - when they stepped into action it meant that the situation was dire. Other soldiers always sought join their ranks and Hussars’ sons would strive to follow in their fathers’ footsteps.


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