EA Positioning Origin as Destination for All Games, Makes Available Games from Other Publishers

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A little competition is good for the market, unless it comes from EA. They have already made waves with their new Origin digital delivery service stating that some games will be exclusive to it, then incorporating an extremely anti-consumer clause forbidding users to take part in origin to get other publishers`gamesclass-action lawsuits and requiring them to jump through complex, unnecessary hoops to opt out but remain a user and now, they’ve announced they’ll be carrying games from other publishers. Certainly seems like they’re taking aim dead at Steam and saying, "Bring it B---ches!"

But given the number of gamers who are displeased with them and Origin thus far, is it wise to have your games, as a separate publisher, on the service? Several major publishers seem to think so as it will soon offer some of the top PC game titles from publishers Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, THQ and Capcom Entertainment, Inc.

Beginning in November, Origin will feature top new releases including Batman: Arkham City, Saints Row: The Third and more, ready for purchase and download. Additional titles from each publisher will be offered on Origin in the coming months, adding to the extensive library of more than 100 EA PC games already available, and giving PC gamers even more choice for the latest and greatest gaming content on Origin.

It will only be a matter of time until they start putting contract clauses into the service like Steam does and then all hell will break loose. The question is, can the digital delivery gaming ecosystem really handle more fragmentation? Many gamers have simply boycotted Origin-exclusive titles instead of falling in line like brainwashed, dare we say...zombies.


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