Battlefield 3 Crushes Origin Servers, Causes Problems

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Reports have been coming in that people have been unable to get into Battlefield 3 because of EA Origin servers being unable to handle the influx of registrations, authentications, etc.more BF3 woes

While they will surely say "we only build the servers to support some percentage of people at the same time," wouldn’t it have been wise for them to anticipate such a rush if they knew they were going to sell 10 million copies?

The fact of the matter is that not only has EA seemingly dropped the ball on Battlefield 3 itself, but also on its Internet-based DRM which seems to be the cause of the problems. Several people have commented to GDN staff that they "have yet to get into the game."

So you plunked down your hard-earned cash, you waited in line, or pre-ordered and then got home, unwrapped and installed and...NO GAME!

This is all separate from the overloads that took down the Battlefield 3 servers for Xbox 360 players and seems to just be affecting PC gamers. So now the question is, what will EA to do first fix the problem and second, redress the loss game time of people who purchased the game expecting to play it immediately?

The business process that went something like "Let’s launch a whole new, fairly untested and buggy digital delivery service, and then put our most important game of the year on it and require it all to have Internet-based DRM" seems to have some serious flaws. In fact, just reading that sentence makes you wonder how it all got approved.

Guess they should have smoothed everything over with Valve and Steam for this one.

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