Tales of Pirates II Class Balancing

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A whole new revolution of class-balancing has arrived in Tales of Pirates II (http://top2.igg.com)! Lately, this popular pirate-themed MMORPG has unveiled Demonic Dimension, a new map with more fearsome foes and brand new skills for each class. These skills will grant great prowess to all the different classes and are touted to be revolutionary and pivotal in improving class balance in the game. Check out below for more information on Demonic Dimension and these awesome skills!

Tales of Pirates II

New Skills in Demonic Dimension (Level Requirement for all skills: Lv 125)
1. Crusader Skill
The Windrider’s Grace
Skill Effect: Hit Rate increases by 100, Dodge increases by 100, Critical Rate increases by 50. Physical Defense drops by 30 and defense drops by 300 for 60 seconds.


2. Champion Skill
The Warrior’s Rage
Skill Effect: Attack increases by 1.4. Defense drops by 3000, physical defense drops by 3000. 600 HP is lost every 2 seconds for 60 seconds.
3. Cleric Skill
Skill Effect: Using this skill will produce a Soul Crystal in your inventory. The Soul Crystal will automatically resurrect you in 6 seconds when you die. (Only one Soul Crystal can be stored in the backpack at any one time. Additional Soul Crystals will be deleted automatically.)
4. Seal Master Skill
a. Excrucio (Area of Effect attack)
Skill Effect: Deals 115 HP to target every 2 seconds. Damage dealt increases by 15 HP and cooldown decreases by 2 seconds per skill level. No potions are allowed when this skill is in use.
b. Petrifying Pummel
Skill Effect: Stuns a target for 1 second and deals 3% HP damage. Damage increase by 3% and stun duration increases by 0.5 seconds per skill level, up to a maximum of 30000HP and stun duration of 4 seconds.
c. Curse of Weakening
Skill Effect: Decreases target’s physical defense by 8 at Level 1. The defense reduction increases by 3 per skill level. Target’s physical defense can be reduced to a lowest of 0.
d. Bane of Waning
Skill Effect: Decreases target’s attack by 3% for 60 seconds at Level 1. The attack reduction increases by 3% per skill level increase, up to a maximum of 30%.
5. Sharpshooter Skill
a. Blunting Bolt 
Skill Effect: Decreases target’s MP by 4% at level 1. The MP reduction increases by 4% per skill level.
b. Eye of Precision (Sharpshooter)
       Deadeye Blood (Hunter)
Skill Effect: Doubles attack. No other skills can be used when this skill is in use.
c. Poison Dart (Boost of the existing skill)
Skill Effect: Poisons the enemy. Target loses 50 HP every 2 seconds at Lv 1. HP reduction increases by 50 every 2 seconds per skill level increase.
d. Flaming Dart (Boost of the existing skill)
Skill Effect:  Deals 200 HP damage at Lv 1, additional 200 HP per skill level increase.
6. Voyager Skill
Omnis Immunity
Skill Effect: Immunity to all physical attacks and skill attacks.
How to obtain the new skills?
Defeat the Boss monster Pirate Poncho Panda at Demonic Dimension Level 1 or Hell Lord Sauron’s Mount at Demonic Dimension Level 2 to obtain a Skill Treasure Trove. Opening the Trove will reveal a random new skill from the above.
How to enter Demonic Dimension?
1. Enter Astral Isle and go to coordinates 103, 102
2. Use Demonic Dimension Express Ticket to go to the entrance of Demonic Dimension.
Demonic Dimension opens at the following times:
Timings of Demonic Dimension are the same as those of Demonic World. It will opened every day at 00:00 EST (GMT-5), and subsequently every 3 hours. The entrance will be around for 40 minutes every time before vanishing.
News of this exciting discovery have spread and spurred the adventurous streak in many. Shaitan City plans to recruit more Bounty Hunters to explore this familiar yet strange terrain. Stock up on your supplies, pirates, and rally your best buccaneer buddies to embark on thrilling adventures in Demonic Dimension!
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