Sony Changes Usage Policy Again, Limits Downloads to Just Two Devices from Five

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Sony is sticking it to gamers again through the Terms of Service. Where you could formerly download content on up to five devices for use, which a lot of us used to share Rock Band songs I imagine, you can only do it on ToS limits downloads to two devices

The new rules say PS3 content can only be downloaded to two PS3s and PSP content to two PSPs, but where does that leave PS Minis which are made for both?

The new rules will go into effect for all current generations of the PSP including the PSPgo and PS3s and is set to go into effect November 18th.

Anything before that date will still be available on five devices.

Finally, Sony has announced that they’re finally going to allow users to deactivate devices from the PC, probably through Media Go or on the Playstation website.

Great news for those who have a dead PS3 or who have sold one and can’t deactivate the content.

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