Angels Online Manhunt Challenge

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Angels Online is a 2D-fantasy MMORPG that continue to dazzle players with spectacular effects, cool features and interactivity. As new players join in the fun, the number of Angels Online fans continues to grow. Besides in-game events that help to foster the bonds betweenAngles Online players, off-game events such as the recently held Elegant Angels Beauty Pageant help players foster a closer understanding of the community. Following the footsteps of the female Elegant Angels Pageant in September, the Angels Online community gear up in anticipation for its male variation: the Manhunt Challenge.

The Manhunt Challenge follows the exact format as a Miss Universe setting, with only one lucky winner crowned as king. Only male entries are sent in during the uploading phase (from October 26 to November 6) and judging phase begins anytime from the uploading phase to November 13. Similar to the Elegant Angels Pageant, Lucky winners will walk away with some ultra-cool Universal Godsuit Egg.

For four years running, Angels Online has captured the hearts of many fans with exciting features, cool anime-style graphics plus a wealth of stylish in-game costumes and exciting items. It comes to no surprise that the game attracts an increasing number of players from both male and female genders. Angels Online builds and maintains its closely knitted community by connecting players from all around the globe and building interactivity through various in-game and out-game activities. Like the females in the Elegant Angels Pageant, the males in Manhunt Challenge are given equal opportunities, and for the male players, there is no better way of expressing themselves than to step away from the stigma of playing behind the shadow of the computer screen and into the light.

Participant may send in their entries from October 26 to November 6, while the selection process is anytime from start till November 13.

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