Steam Updates and Releases 05 November 2011 – MW3 Pre-loading, SOTS2 Patch, Stronghold 3 Patch

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There are actually two SOTS2 patches in the last 24 hours which shows how hard they’re on steam

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Take on Helicopters Updated


Product Update - Valve



* Career finances tuned
* Helicopter inspection improved
* Scenarios / contracts tweaked

* IGUI: speed vector now shows more accurately where the helicopter is headed
* Precise actions on objects were not correctly detected at all angles
* Shadows on alpha planes handled better (e.g. helipads)
* Ambient road traffic loading optimized
* Water surfaces at high altitudes would sometimes be completely white
* Crash opportunity fixed in Picture-in-Picture
* AI is no longer able to fly with a damaged main rotor
* Fixed interpolation of visual states (rockets firing from rotor)

* Inspection points and animations tuned for all helicopters
* Certain helicopter variants are now prevented from spawning in ambient systems in Seattle
* Heavy: hand was covering gunner view at some angles
* Heavy: pilot was sunk in his seat slightly
* Heavy: Engine and nose hatches now animate
* Manager skin pigmentation tuned
* Player skinning on his jacket and neck tuned
* Seattle: ambient road definition tuned
* Shadow on the helipads is drawn correctly
* Heliport: tasks and actions were not added after completing the Career
* Heliport: reward after completing the Career: $300000
* Heliport: Partridge visited one contract too soon
* Heliport: tasks and actions were available while fading to / from black
* Heliport: Partridge did not have the correct character identity
* Heliport: saving / resuming disabled
* Heliport: player was not able to sell any helicopter
* Heliport: after inspecting a component on an undamaged helicopter, the maintenance report would no longer show the helicopter status correctly
* Heliport: after inspecting a component with several inspection points, they were updated in sequence instead of at once
* Heliport: Coast Guard Medium livery added
* Heliport: missing line breaks in maintenance reports
* Time Trials: path markers added
* Time Trials: problem with disappearing waypoint indicators corrected
* Time Trials: broken color code format in overviews
* Training: last conversation was often cut off by the scenario ending
* Training: Voice-Over for "I’ll give you control in 5..4..3..2..1" added that plays when countdown is displayed
* Training: Voice-Over added for "I’ll take back the control of the helicopter
* Training: pausing at the end of any stage removed. Now the player passes control back to instructor
* Training: narrative outro plays correctly when mission ends (from Career)
* Training: disabled buttons in info pages were not working correctly
* Slingload PiP help is now displayed only when near cargo
* Generic contract rewards increased
* Helicopter damage was not stored correctly between contracts
* BIS_fnc_isLocalized function no longer shows RPT error
* "Again" button was not working in intro pause menu
* Career 02: system marker was visible
* Career 08: Heliport outro needed one sentence to be removed
* Career 08: Radio filter removed from Heliport conversations
* Career 08: Jumping container
* Career 10: Player can no longer get in helicopter as co-pilot
* Career 10: Get in waypoint was not placed on helicopter
* Memory 03: Player was flying incorrect helicopter type
* Memory 03: Cpt. Pierce sometimes died before saying his last sentence
* Memory 03: Cpt. Pierce sometimes got out of helicopter after landing
* Corporations 01: Space Needle torch was duplicate after load
* Corporations 01: Fuel station disabled
* MP 01: All contestants now properly end the mission, rather than the last one to finish the race
* MP 01: Position notification upon completing a lap corrected
* MP 01: Spectating no longer shows finished or disqualified contestants
* MP 01: Stats display improved
* MP 02: JIP handling improved
* MP 02: Evacuees will get into all helicopters, not just the hosts
* MP 02: Evacuees can be rescued on foot now
* MP 02: Winching disabled until made MP compatible
* MP 02: Team-tracking markers added to map
* MP 02: New/improved parameters
* MP 03: Cargo handling improved
* MP 03: AA-threat spawning improved
* MP 03: Briefing improved


Sword of the Stars II: Lords of Winter Update Released

Product Update - Valve

- Added more variety to the default weapon loadouts of starting fleets.
- Issue where sound would cut out (particularly in combat) is now resolved.
- Fixed issue where ships would avoid far too high or too low while in combat.
- Resolved an issue where players could enter combat without a fleet even if a fleet is available.
- Fixed a bug that misrepresented the winner of a combat.

Product Update - Valve


Updates to Dota 2 have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. Fixes include:

  • Issue where bots would constantly roam from lane-to-lane to farm early-game.
  • Omniknight always saying Fear Nothing.
  • Issues with items that used the negative health regen - this fixes the interaction of Ancient Apparition with armlet.
  • Items that modify maximum health or mana such as like Armlet and Soul Ring. These should now apply their effect correctly.
  • An item combine bug when giving an item to another hero who has a full inventory.
  • Inventory right click menu going away instantly if the player has an item in the stash.

Dino D-Day Update Released

Product Update - Valve

- Added Team Deathmatch versions of several maps.
- Re-worked the method for team switching to fix intermittent server crashes.
- Re-worked how the MG42 is aimed and operated.
- Nerfed the Microraptor’s spit attack. No longer does instant-kill on head shots, poison effect wears off after 6 seconds.
- Flamethrower bug when used on a T-Rex is fixed.
- Fixed team join message when joining spectators.
- Fixed viewmodel sometimes being visible when switching to spectators.
- Made low-health effect (heartbeat and screen pulse) temporary.
- cl_drawhud now can be used to turn off the HUD.
- Closed exploit where Microraptor could get access to Allied spawn on Depot.
- Closed exploit where Microraptor could spit into Allied spawn on Troina.
- Fixed menu loadout z-depth issue (clicking on background caused icons to disappear)
- Fixed bug when trying to punch with a right click.
- Fixed bug when firing flamethrower with right mouse button.
- Fixed point getting awarded to Medic when they apply a heal to a teammate with less than 50% health.
- Fixed various point exploits relating to suicides
- T-Rex suicide point exploit fixed.
- Sticky bomb icon back on Joe’s loadout menu.

Sequence Updated

Product Update - Valve

Patch notes:

- Fixed an exceedingly rare bug that caused inproper values to be loaded into a save slot from another save slot, possibly hindering progress. If you have experienced this bug, please contact
- Added redundancy checks at the end of battles for four "missable" achievements: On Your Way, Erudite, Element 77, and Another Castle.

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Posted: 04 Nov 2011 12:02 PM PDT

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Sword of the Stars II: Lords of Winter Update Released

Posted: 04 Nov 2011 11:32 AM PDT

Patch Notes:


Critical fixes:

- Fixed station manager crash when while selecting a station.
- AI versus AI combat routines now internalized and will no longer appear to players.
- AI will now follow command point limits when creating and modifying fleets.
- Added tool tips to descriptions to all sections in the design screen.
- Reimplemented alien habitation modules.
- Improved Spectre AI so Spectres now spread out amoung targets.
- Spectres now do appropriate damage based on their size.
- Fixed a slowdown due to Spectre collision error.
- Admiral creation within empire now working correctly.

Other fixes and changes:

- Fixed Spectre spawn positions.
- Improved Spectre AI so Spectres will move from large to small target is the opportunity arises.
- Game will now start in full screen mode at native desktop resolution unless specified in options. (Game can still drop out of full screen if another program window overlaps the game. Use ALT+ENTER to return to full-screen again.)
- Weapons now apply their appropriate damage pattern based on their distance from target.
(All weapons were using their max pattern range, often the weakest of all ranges)
- Turret fixes made to Human and Hiver Leviathans causing them to shoot through selves.
- Firing arc fixes to Heavy Beam modules.
- Heavy turret turn speed changes to be more realistic.
- Adjustments made to Disruptor weapon attacks.
- Fixed various minor bugs to station upgrades.
- Fixed Zuul and Tarka combat music themes not playing.
- Fixed crew death stuck above 0% (was not adding bonus crew when doing crew death calculations)
- Driveless ships in formation, provided they aren’t lead ship, will now fall behind and rest of formation will continue at formation speed. If the ship with the destroyed engine is lead, the formation will slow down as designed, in order to protect lead (presumably
command) ship. Player can select ships to abandon lead ship if they wish.
- Fixed planetary spotter ranges (ships can now be spotted by planets when flying past)
- Planet Manger moved to its own dialog box.
- Added a delay to prevent any actions from taking place until everything is ready
- Compressed combat, gui and music sounds for greater efficiency.
- Fixed combat random encounter data being null
- fix incorrect stance facing (ship sometimes did not face target, now they will face target while in their stance)
- Level 5 Science Centers disabled temporarily.


- New badges added to all races
- Additional load screen
- New encyclopedia entries on Admirals.
- New encyclopedia entries on Missions.
- Station Modules entries in the encyclopedia complete.

Known Issues:
- Sound bug remains a priority.
- Close To Attack isn’t working properly.
- Players can enter battle without selecting the fleet they want to use
- Some players seeing sorting errors with refracted surfaces (ie glass can be seen through ship as black)
- Fleet isn’t picked by default for combat. Player has to select fleet for combat.
- Players reporting crash when attempting to upgrade planet to Gem/Forge world.

Left 4 Dead 2 Update Released

Posted: 04 Nov 2011 10:38 AM PDT

Updates to Left 4 Dead 2 have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

- New Community Mutation: Confogl
- Crash Course campaign
- Fixed intro music not playing in some campaigns
- Fixed some missing survivor audio

Steam client update released

Posted: 04 Nov 2011 10:16 AM PDT

A Steam client update is now available. To apply the update, click the File menu inside of Steam and then select "Check for Steam Client Updates...". The specific changes include:

- Fixed game invites giving an error about running the wrong game when using the new rich presence system in a Steamworks game
- Fixed the "-applaunch" command line parameter not correctly running the game you indicated

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Posted: 04 Nov 2011 10:00 AM PDT

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New Release - Sonic Generations

Posted: 03 Nov 2011 05:01 PM PDT

Sonic Generations is Now Available on Steam!

The ultimate celebration of 20 Years of Sonic gaming, Sonic Generations delivers the definitive experience for Sonic fans new and old.

Sonic’s universe is thrown into chaos when a mysterious new power comes into force, creating ‘time holes’ which take Sonic and his friends back in time. Whilst there, Sonic runs into some very familiar characters from his past including a younger version of himself! Now they must team up to defeat their enemies, save their friends, and find out who is behind this diabolical deed.

Dota 2 Update Released

Posted: 03 Nov 2011 04:37 PM PDT

Updates to Dota 2 have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:


  • Added Dragon Knight and Omniknight!

  • Chen: Fixed Holy Persuasion not removing buffs from the converted creep

  • Chen: Fixed Hand of God working on dead heroes

  • Huskar: Fixed not attacking his target right after Life Break.

  • Batrider: Fixed Firefly being purge-able.

  • Batrider: Fixed Sticky Napalm working on ancients.

  • Storm Spirit: Fixed an exploit with Ball Lightning that could cause you to kill enemy units from your fountain.

  • Storm Spirit: Fixed Ball Lightning’s stopping a little too early when almost out of mana

  • Huskar: Fixed the first tick of Berserker’s Blood requiring you to be hurt.

  • Riki: Fixed the Backstab sound sometimes playing when it wasn’t proccing.

  • Sniper: Fixed Assassinate reveal debuff never disappearing if the target dodges it with a blink.

  • Kunkka: Fixed X Marks The Spot teleporting you back if you buyback while the spell is still active.

  • Jakiro: Fixed Dual Breath not being target-able on units directly.

  • Queen of Pain: Fixed Sonic Wave not being target-able on units directly

  • Batrider: Fixed Sticky Napalm not temporarily revealing the area.

  • Batrider: Fixed Flaming Lasso not ending when Batrider dies.

  • Zeus: Fixed a bug with spamming Arc Lightning quickly while there is another one still bouncing (only happens for very large amount of units).

  • Skeleton King: Fixed loss of vision while reincarnating.

  • Added missing Flail and Stun animations for Kunkka.


  • Enabled Huskar, Batrider and Jakrio for Captains Mode

  • Massive server performance improvements.

  • Fixed vision range on Siege units.

  • Fixed bounty values on Siege units.

  • Added Legacy keys for new heroes

  • Fixed attack damage for Centaur Outrunner

  • Fixed limited life units (like Necronomicon units) having dramatically more duration when converted by Helm of the Dominator.

  • Fixed backdoor protection turning off when dominated units are nearby

  • Fixed legacy keys not working properly for a few of the recent heroes

  • Only allow one commendation/report per person.


  • Added a separate matchmaking pool for players who have repeatedly left games. Note: Any party that contains a player matchmaking in this pool will cause the entire party to match-make in this pool.

  • Fixed Captain’s Mode pick timer getting reset during the 2 hero pick phases once a player does the first selection.

  • Fixed Captain’s Mode random (when out of time) being able to selected heroes not enabled for CM.

  • Added two spectator hot keys for controlling the replay speed (- and =).

  • Double-hitting the "select all other units" hot key will now add your hero to your selection

  • Game lobby leaders can now kick players out of the lobby.

  • You will now be notified when you are kicked from a game lobby or party.


  • Made bots a bit more wary of taking damage when defending a teammate.

  • Bots will no longer back off as much when defending the Ancient or Barracks.

  • Made bots (and particularly carries) want to farm a bit more mid-game.

  • Fixed bug where bots were considering dead enemies in their Push Tower desire.

  • Decreased the bots’ desire to go back to base to retrieve cheap non-TP items.

  • Increased the bots’ desire to visit the secret shop as they accumulate money.

Stronghold 3 Update Released

Posted: 03 Nov 2011 03:44 PM PDT

Updates to Stronghold 3 have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

- The mouse cursor has been improved and will help with selection and responsiveness issues.
- Game speed added. Press + to speed up the game (x2 or x3 normal speed) and - to slow the game down to normal speed (x1).
- Buildings can now be placed on top of workers and animals. The game will move the workers or animals out of the way.
- Fixed issue with military units sometimes not selecting a new target after a fight.
- Fixed issue with Archers and Rangers not being able to attack walls & buildings.
- Fixed issue with wolves (and other animals) being able to climb up ladders.
- Fixed issue with siege equipment being able to climb walls/towers.
- Fixed crash when changing resolutions in game on some machines.
- Fixed issue with stone quarries and iron mines when a worker was turned back into a peasant.
- Fixed issues when quitting/continuing the Tutorial.
- Fixed several pathfinding issues in Tower of London siege map.
- Fixed issue with peacetime continuing from multiplayer games into single player games.
- Hostile animals now respond to missile fire.
- Fixed French keyboard layout.
- The Map Editor is now available from the Steam interface. To locate it click on the top menu ’View’ and select ’Tools’. Scroll down and you will see ’Stronghold 3 - Map Editor’
- An extra large map size has been added to the Map Editor.
- A new large Freebuild map, Abandoned Lands, has been added.
- Various small bug fixes.

War Inc. Battlezone Updated

Posted: 03 Nov 2011 07:01 AM PDT

- Currency names have been changed! gold dollars became War Points (in-game currency), game points became War Cash (cash currency).
- Improved color correction on most maps.
- Upgraded PhysX to version 3.1, your character should run along walls now more smoothly.
- Enabled hardware shadows (should improve FPS and quality of shadows)
- Improved store buy functionality
- Added sorting in leaderboards
- New in-game rewards, right now they are giving 10 War Points, but soon enough will be giving other items
- Camera should be more smooth now, more improvements to it coming soon
- Show your current ping in top left corner, next to game timer
- Disconnect player if ping is more than 500ms for more than 60 seconds
- Graphics options have been changed a little bit
- Improved quality of ambient occlusion
- Performance improvements
- Security improvements

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