Steam Updates and Releases 07 November 2011

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Much like GamersGate today, Steam did not have all that much to be released. It seems like the whole world is waiting with bated breath for tomorrow’s massive releases. There is a CoD Black Ops update though on steam

War Inc. Battlezone Updated

Posted: 07 Nov 2011 11:43 AM PST

November 7, 2011 UPDATE
Bug fixes:
- fixed video artifacts on Burning Sea level
- fixed broken spawn points on Crossroads
- fixed terrain decorations option not being saved properly
- fixed missing decals on Jungle Ruins level
- collision fixes

Achron Updated

Posted: 07 Nov 2011 11:31 AM PST

Achron version
RELEASED 2011/11/6

Summary: This release includes a prehosting multiplayer chat, ability to change game and replay speed, a performance improvement for long games, and numerous bug fixes and balance improvements.

Achron changelog:
changed hierarchy attack-move to break formation if issued order is to a nearby destination
added toggle to pre-game lobby: subordinates can chronoport with commander using hierarchy
added toggle to pre-game lobby: morphing during rechronport delay
added toggle to main menu graphics settings: os-drawn mouse
added toggle to in-game settings and main menu gameplay settings: unit gages display values
increased range of chronofreeze area of effect from 13 to 17
reduced cost of all comm center/hub/mound buildings by one third
reduced cost of Sepi by 3LC and Pharo by 9LC
fixed bug: Octo would make RP on edited timeline if given cancel-progen-for-all order in original timeline
fixed bug: RPs approaching crates from the diagonal would not move 1 space closer to automatically start processing
fixed bug: subordinates continued to stutter-move after arriving at destination if ahead of commander during attack-move
fixed bug: chronobombing a research building mid-upgrade would leave the building stuck in upgrade mode
fixed bug: reaphs and foundations would attempt to repair TSSd units
fixed bug: HELP window keybindings did not update when user changed the key bindings
minor fixes to incorrect tooltips and keybindings
minor fixes to campaign levels
removed weapon damage multipliers for Shin Vir vs Zayin Pulser and Octo vs Zayin Pulser match-ups
added built-in community IRC chat for multiplayer
added game speed slider to replays and single player
added visible placement outline to the move command for mobile buildings
included additional maps and tile sets (courtesy of Shadowfury333)
Resequence Engine changelog:
fixed bug where sound effects would not be set to proper speed on reloading a save or reconnecting to a server
added DefaultGlobalTimeRate to configuration.ini, GlobalTimeRate to skin language, and PERFORM SET_GLOBAL_TIME_RATE and GET_GLOBAL_TIME_RATE to Rescript
file lists now sorted case insensitively across all platforms (also fixes unsorted issue on Linux)
fixed minor memory leak when reloading engine configuration settings
fixed bug where overriding the window opacity would not change the color of fonts to white
removed redundant command tracking history (no longer needed since replays were introduced) which saves 2-5% basis memory in the server for a typical 20-30 minute game, and accompanying minor performance improvement
improved accuracy of core timing code
added PERFORM GET_CHRONAL_FIELD and SET_CHRONAL_FIELD to Rescript for 4 global chronal fields (selected via target variable)
fixed Rescript compiler bug where chronoenergy retrieval performs were not properly specified as floats (were attempting to set integers instead)
Apostrophes in name in Steam are now changed to underscores in multiplayer for compatibility
added EngineReady indicator to skin language
double-click selection now includes all units that match type, rank, and highlight (instead of only exact class)

Daily Deal - Galcon Fusion 66% off!

Posted: 07 Nov 2011 10:00 AM PST

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Update Released

Posted: 07 Nov 2011 10:00 AM PST

PC Patch 1.16 notes
- Addressed possible IWD mismatch error between players who own the Rezurrection map pack and players who do not own that map pack.
- Favorites tab in the server browser now supports up to 256 favorite servers.
In : PC

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