Meet the Characters of All Zombies Must Die

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Doublesix introduces the playable characters from their upcoming downloadable game All Zombies Must Die! with a series of character profiles.

Players have a chance to learn the individual histories and begin to understand the weird andAll Zombies Must Die wonderful relationships between characters they will wield throughout the game.
Jack is a gamer.  He knows red barrels explode when shot and that painted-on doors don’t open.
Rachel just doesn’t want to hear it. She’s a game widow looking for some quality-time.  Well, she was until Jack forgot her birthday for the second year in a row.
In theory, Brian would like to have a girlfriend. In practise, pushing and prodding at the limits of science is a fairly time consuming business.
Luxo; a Rastafarian Alien or a foul-mouthed child in a weird Halloween costume? If Luxo wasn’t so cool we’d tell you he was cool.
With four playable characters, each with unique personalities and status inflicting character weapons, players are spoilt for choice when deciding how they like their Zombies killed – personally I prefer mine irradiated and incinerated with fire before knocking them for six with the cricket bat!
You can also interact with the characters in the real world by reading Jack’s blog and also friend him on facebook! No doubt the other heroes will also soon get social for those of you out there who can’t wait to know what sort of sandwich Brian has decided on for lunch today or what Rachel thought of last week’s X-Factor results.
The gamer, the girl, the geek and the alien fight against the onslaught of zombies in the arcade RPG twin-stick shooter coming to XBLA, PSN and Steam Q4 2011.
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