SG Interactive Delivers New Map, Events for Pangya United and Trickster Online

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Delivering new content and events to two of its most popular games, SGI kicks off the month by introducing Pangya United’s "Wiz City" course. Positioned squarely in the wizard and sorcerers’ district, Wiz City will provide challenges for even the most experienced golfer. November is also the fifth-year anniversary of Trickster Online, and SGI is rolling out the redTrickster and Pangya carpet to celebrate. Players new and old are invited to commemorate the occasion in style with a lineup of events, updates, and in-game opportunities and prizes.

 As Pangya United’s seventeenth course, Wiz City will challenge players with the following:

  • Magic Carpets
    • Look out for special purple areas on the new course because the Magic Carpets will bounce players’ golf balls all over the place! Players who can master the ricochet can use these carpets to lower their scores.
  • Spinning Cubes
    • Giant spinning cubes with question marks can be found throughout the course, and they contain player gifts! Hit these cubes with comets to find out which rare item they contain. However, to open the cubes, players must acquire the Keys of Fortune by logging in every day or purchasing them at the Pangya Shop.
  • Pang Coins
    • Players can find massive Pang Coins floating around the course. Any shot that comes close to the coins will gather them for the player. At the end of each game, collected Pang Coins will convert to generous amount of experience points and in-game currency.

To celebrate the official launch of the Wiz City course in Pangya United, players can also participate in two new Wiz City events that expand on the warm-up events from October:

  • Wiz City Tutorial Video Contest

    • Eager Wiz City explorers can put their course know-how to work through the Wiz City video contest. Gamers can enter the contest by creating a video of at least two minutes introducing other players to any aspect of the new course. The three best videos will receive a Wiz City outfit set and club set, but all participants will receive two Card Removers, 10 Keys of Wisdom and 10 Keys of Prosperity. Gamers have until Wednesday, Nov. 30 to submit their entries.
  • Arin’s Birthday Event
    • Golfers better get their party hats in order to properly celebrate Arin’s Birthday! Golfers can celebrate and have a great time at Arin’s Tee Party event, and after some light-hearted revelry, show off their skills in the Hole-in-one contest. Lucky players will receive Arin’s Gift Box, which carry the especially rare Rune Fairy Wings. 

The Wiz City course and its events are ready for players to explore through the Pangya United official website. For up-to-date information about the game, players can "Like" the Pangya United Facebook page. The roster of special events for Trickster Online’s fifth anniversary celebration, which runs through Tuesday, Nov. 22, includes:  

  • Spin for Fortunes
    • Players who log into the Trickster Online servers from now until the end of the special anniversary events have a chance to spin the wheel of Trickster fortune. Players who also complete quests can rack up more chances to spin for a number of rare items and awards such as Galder Coupons, Elixirs, Pet Enhancement items, and much more.
  • Leveling up the 5’s
    • Five is a special number this month, and SG Interactive will reward the players who advance their characters to level 5, 50, 150, 250 or 350. In-game prizes will be awarded during the next major Trickster Online maintenance.
  • "A Strange Message" Quest
    • A new adventure is also available this month -players can now undertake the new quest line to receive new in-game rewards.

In addition to these month-long events, Trickster will be updating MyShop and the Fusion System. On Wednesday, Nov. 9, MyShop introduces a new filtering option, which allows players to easily search through shop items. The Fusion System will be updated with the new option of Disassembling, which will allow players to separate previously combined items and materials.   Players who want to take advantage of the fifth-year anniversary special events should log in or sign up now at the Trickster Online official website. For up-to-date information about the game, players can "Like" the Trickster Online Facebook page.

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