Clans and Tournaments Update Details for Brink

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Bethesda has announced they’re on the verge of releasing a pretty massive release to Brink.

The update will bring full clan support, ladders and tournaments to all versions of the game. This update is currently in the final stages of testing and will be pushed out to the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and the PC version of Brink as soon as that is complete.

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Clans & Tournaments

Once this update is available, there will be a simultaneous launch of the Brink beta site for clans and tournaments, featuring several new sections and shiny new functionality.


Create a Clan

First and foremost, you’ll now be able to create and manage your own Brink Clan right on the website. Once you’ve selected a name for your Clan and registered it, it’ll get a dedicated profile page displaying its members as well as a breakdown of clan statistics like its current ranking, wins and losses, and upcoming Clan matches. From there, you’ll also be able to invite others to join your squad, toggle your Clan’s recruitment status, review applications of players applying for membership, and manage the privileges available to each of your Clan members.

Global Clan Ladder

Clan support is great, but wouldn’t it be cool if you could challenge other clans and organize clan matches, too? For this purpose, they’ve got the Global Clan Ladder. It’ll display all of the Clans in Brink arranged by their current ranking and make it easy to find other Clans at similar skill levels.

From there, Clan leaders will be able to challenge other Clans to Clan Matches. Once a time for a match has been agreed, Brink will automatically create a match at the appropriate time and issue invites to all participating players. And if you happen to be playing Brink, you’ll be reminded of any upcoming matches that you’re scheduled to play.

The outcome of the match will affect the ranking of both participating clans. The winning team will see its ranking increased, while the losing outfit will drop a few points. All matches on the Global Clan Ladder will be 5 vs. 5 and utilize Brink’s full map pool.

Event Ladders

In addition to the Ladder, Bethesda will also be able to run tournaments via the website, referred to as Event Ladders. These events will often have customized rule sets, such as smaller team sizes and very specific map pools. You’ll be able to register your Clan for these right on the site and, much like regular Clan Matches, Brink will create game sessions for each match automatically and send invites to the players. Winning an Event Ladder is no small feat, and if you make it all the way to the end, you’ll net a trophy to show off on your Clan’s profile page.

No Brink Website Account Yet? Register Now!

To take advantage of all this cool new functionality once the update goes live, including creating clans and playing in tournaments, you’ll first need to have an account on the Brink site. To do this, you will need your unique access code, which you can find within the main menu for Brink, under Online Stats.  The code will link your player account to the site, , which will feed information like your clan status and upcoming matches back into Brink. You’ll also get access to all the other great features already available on the site right now, including detailed statistics for your characters, summaries of your most recent matches, and much more. In short, if you haven’t made an account yet, now’s most definitely the time!

Game Updates

Finally, they’ll also be releasing game updates for all three versions of Brink alongside the Clans & Tournaments update. More information is coming soon they say.

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