Wizard101 Zafaria Update Now Live on US Servers

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Zafaria, the year’s most significant content update for Wizard101, is now live across KingsIsle’s U.S. servers. The update introduces the sun-drenched grasslands and lush jungles of the Zafarian landscape, increases Wizard101’s maximum level cap, and continues the game’s main storyline centered on Morganthe the Spider Queen.Zafaria Postcard

"Zafaria represents a huge update to the Wizard101 universe and includes some of the most visually impressive environments we’ve ever created," said Todd Coleman, vice president and creative director of KingsIsle Entertainment. "In the Zafarian savannah, Wizards will unlock mysterious new powers and discover important clues about the motivations of the nefarious villain Morganthe."

Highlights of the Zafaria update include:

  • Six massive new areas to explore, from the expansive open-air market of Baobab, to the misty tree-tops of the Drum Jungle
  • New levels of mastery to attain and spells of exceptional power to learn
  • New game mechanics, including the ability to pierce Wizard defenses in duels and a convenient new pet feeding system
  • Powerful magical gear, exotic jungle pets and mounts, and a ton of challenging quests to conquer

The complete set of update notes for Zafaria can be found here: https://www.wizard101.com/game/update-notes/november2011

In conjunction with the launch of Zafaria, a special "Super Bundle" card is currently available at GameStop stores across the country. Offered at $39, the "Super Bundle" is based on Zafarian themes and provides a variety of spectacular virtual items, including the game’s first multi-player mount. The full list of items includes:

  • Enormous Safari Palace
  • War Rhino (two-person) Mount
  • Pet Giraffe
  • Safari Outfit
  • Great Axe
  • Mystery Teleport Tapestry
  • 5,000 Crowns or a one-month Wizard101 membership


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