Digimon Masters Official Service Event II to Fill November

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The month of November will be filled with exciting new updates and events for Digimon Digimon masters new eventsMasters’ players. We focused our efforts on implementing player requests into these series of updates. However, whether you are a new or current player, this update has something for you! So come join us in the Digital World to experience.

New Server: Lucemon

  • - Additional 100% EXP will be given on weekdays and 200% on weekends for all players on Lucemon Server.

+ Level Cap Update: 46 to 65
+ Ranking System
+ New Maps: OldOld D-Terminal, Western Village of the West Side and Dark Tower Barren Land
+ Boss Digimon: Deadmeramon, Ultungmon Destroyer, Bearmon Destroyer and Icedevimon of Temptation
+ New Digimon (Cash Shop): Renamon, Tentomon, Monodramon, Kiwimon, Mystery Mercenary Digiegg
+ New Dragon DATA (Cash Shop) and over 32 new cash items
+ Droppable Digimon: Impmon
+ Droppable DATA: Devil DATA

Top level! Top size! Become the greatest tamer!

New player supporting program!!

Purchase DigiEgg and receive gift box! Purchase item and receive Pre-Paid card!!

Support of DATS headquarters for new tamers! Get the prize to join poll question!

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