Crystal Saga Level Cap on the Rise, New VIP System Inbound

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New things are afoot over at Crystal Saga where the level cap is bumping up, a monthly VIP system is being implemented and some other cool things are going on. Check out all the details.crystal saga

New Continents Unlocked: From the dark, gloomy plains of The Void to the plush, green rainforests of the Southern Wetlands, there are over a dozen new areas to explore in this update. The deepest levels of the Celestial Palace, Twilight Caverns, and Aquatic Crypts back on the mainland are also unlocked and waiting to be discovered.

Hundreds of New Quests and Items: This update contains over two hundred level 60+ quests added to both the main and optional lines. Continue on your Vidalian adventure with some of your old friends: Orison, Anastasia, Karleya, and Mapelonia in the newly-released lands. In addition, check out the hundreds of new items that have now been added to the game!

 New Dungeons: Fight your way down several floors in Vidalia’s newest, largest dungeon, the Killer’s Den, to try your luck against the fearless final boss, The Chancellor. Enter the crazy dreamworld of Psychodelica to, in a twist of fate, go up against your NPC friends in increasingly-tough mini-arena battles. The unique abilities of the monsters and bosses in these two new dungeons provide for fun, new fighting experiences.

New Battle Wings: This update adds several new tiers of battle wings. Level 60+ wings are visually stunning.

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