Operation Neptune Update Available for Combat Arms

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Action fans can now infiltrate the newly constructed submarine base in “Combat Arms,” Nexon’s high intensity free-to-play first-person shooter game. The completion of this top-secret project has been leaked to enemy squads, who are organizing to seize and unleashCombat Arms the destructive capabilities of the submarine’s nuclear power. Players can fight in the corridors above the Submarine, or snipe from the balconies overlooking it. Soldiers must tread carefully, as those who attempt to access the map’s Submarine level will self-destruct.

Nexon also added the M99-II Sniper Rifle to “Combat Arms,” as the first Chinese weapon in the game. The anti-material rifle can unleash devastating force against enemy soldiers.
Players can also look forward to opening the new MYST Supply Crate. Hailed as the MYST-India, the Crate includes the brand new NX-Rare Assault Rifle, AT-22. MYST Supply Crates contain NX-Rare and NX-Standard weapons with a chance of scoring one for a Permanent duration.
Players can now get pumped for battle by listening to their own music in the game lobby. Adding music files to the “Combat Arms’” Jukebox folder lets players groove to their favorite tunes while synchronizing their victory dance.
The clock is ticking faster as “Combat Arms” players anticipate the unveiling of the massive Black Friday Blow-Up sale event. Every week leading up to Nov. 25, players will be challenged to reach a designated number of “Like”s on the “Combat Arms’” Facebook page. Reaching that number will upgrade the event by adding even more weapons to the sale list. One example of the spectacular deals that players are looking forward to unlocking is the MYST-Infinity case, which guarantees a Permanent duration primary weapon every time.
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