Prepare for Season Two of League of Legends

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Riot Games, developer and publisher of the acclaimed PC title League of Legends – which recently surpassed 11 million active players – today announced the commencement of theLeague of Legends game’s second competitive season. With an unprecedented prize pool of five million dollars, League of Legends: Season Two is sure to result in some intense competition on the Fields of Justice.

Some of the features introduced with Season Two:

  • Ranked teams: Summoners can now rally their friends and compete under the same banner, with a shared Elo rating that reflects their performance as a competitive unit – making it easier than ever to make a splash on the competitive scene and try for a piece of the $5 million prize pool.
  • Brand new competitive website: A new interactive website chronicles the excitement of competitive League of Legends through coverage of the Chellenger Circuit (the professional league), as well as Ranked ladders and a full schedule of prized events (many of which are open to all comers)!
  • New summoner spells and masteries: The League of Legends Mastery system has been refined, and Summoner Spells have received some major changes for Season Two.
  • Spectator Mode open beta: League of Legends’ Spectator Mode is now available for public testing in custom games.

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