Black Friday Deals Abound on GameCampus

No Comment 15 Views today announced its Black Friday sale yet for its lineup of  free-to-play games. Starting November 25th, players can take advantage of deals and upgrades in their gamecampus deals for fridayfavorite games including Shot-Online, Scarlet Legacy, 9 Dragons, Heroes in the Sky and Asda 2. 

"Door Buster" deals from 12 am to 1am on Black Friday and exclusive offers will be available the entire Thanksgiving weekend.  

 Shot-Online will feature a variety of cool one-day-only gifts and sales including the exclusive opportunity to purchase a Black Friday Box complete with all the best items from VIP and EXP boxes.  What’s more, players can purchase a new epic upgrade item available only for 30 minutes at the following times: 12pm, 3pm, 6 pm and 10pm-so don’t wait!!  "Door Busters" deal: from 12am to 1am will get players 50% off with Buy2Get1Free Lucky & Gold Boxes. 

Scarlet Legacy will have a multitude of cool upgrade and experience item boosters at up to 25% off.  The Black Friday Multi-Star Evil Pet Booster has the strongest pets yet and is only available for this limited time.  Players can get 1 out of 8 unreleased Evil Pets between 1-4 stars this weekend only!  Additionally, a Black Friday Epic Mount Booster will be available this weekend only, with 17 never-before-released mounts that can seat entire parties of players, plus so much more. 

9 Dragons will have some of its biggest savings yet with up to 35% off on all combined bonus card packages and up to 25% on all Premium Packages during its "Door Buster" sale from 12AM to 1AM.

Heroes in the Sky: Players will receive 30% off of the entire shop!  In addition, all premium upgrade items are buy one get one free during the "Door Buster" hour from 12AM to 1AM. 

 Asda 2 will feature exclusive Thanksgiving weekend items from everything to select limited-release avatars to a Turkey Pet Booster Sale.  Players can also garner a special premium upgrade scroll as a Black Friday Exclusive and Door Busters will include a Premium Upgrade Supplement at a 120% Upgrade Chance increase.

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