Ragnarok Online Season of Updates Kicks Off with Part One Today

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This week Ragnarok Online launches the first in a series of game updates designed to bring more convenience and fun for the Heroes of Midgard. The three parts of the update are: ragnarok online updatesCostume Headgears, MVP Gravestone and Shopping Catalogues all launch today.

  • The Costume headgear update allows a different look to the hero allowing greater customization of the character’s appearance rather than hinging upon the stats of a given equipment piece.

  • The MVP Gravestone system places a visible gravestone where the MVP Boss monster was slain, when and who was the Slayer!

  • For the less combat oriented players there is also an update to the Vending and Buy shop systems with the introduction of the “Bargain Hunter Catalogue”; which allows quickly finding the best deals being offered by players.

These updates are part one of Ragnarok Online’s Season of updates; the next update is the long awaited Skill Balance update, followed by our massive Expansion episode update 14.1 Bifrost, both scheduled for December 2011 launch! As always these updates and playing is Free to all of the loyal players!


1000 years of peace have reined, the world has forgotten the horrors of the age of myth.  Such peace can never last forever and evil waits patiently.  The first signs of the evil awakenings were the friendly monsters turning aggressive; followed soon after by demons attacking and the dead rising from their graves.  Heroes appeared to beat back the invasions until the fateful day that Satan Morocc destroyed the peaceful town of Morroc, his freedom granted by the insane and corrupt humans of Midgard.  The heroes re-gathered themselves and pushed back with everything they had but only a stalemate was possible.  The delicate seals that protect the world from spilling into complete chaos weaken and break; only the knowledge and power from the age of myth can save Midgard from certain doom.  Are you one of the heroes of legend?  Can you and your allies push back the threat of total annihilation and protect Midgard from the final Ragnarok?

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