Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition Ver. 2012 Complete Change Log

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The changes that have been made to the game are so big that they had to be put into a PDF document which details the final changes to "SSFIV AE 2012", edited for general readership.SSF IV Arcade Edition 2012

These changes are identical from those previously published, but the phrasing and brevity of their descriptions may be different. We couldn’t even begin to just print it all here so instead. We’ll show you some of what to expect and attach a link to the PDF for you.


  • Unique - Target Combo - Expanded hitbox for second hit downward to facilitate connecting with crouching targets.  Increased startup of near standing medium punch from 8F to 20F to allow a delay when canceling into a Target Combo
  • Special - EX Shoryuken - Changed damage from 70 + 30 + 30 + 50 (180 total) to 80 + 30 + 30 + 60 (200 total).
  • Normal - Crouching Heavy Kick - Total frame count unchanged, but startup altered from 7F to 8F.
  • Normal -  Far Standing Heavy Kick - Changed startup from 12F to 11F.Shortened attack recovery by 4F, giving a +1F advantage on a hit and a -3F (dis)advantage when blocked.
  • Unique - Thunder Kick - Overall length of feint move changed from 27F to 24F.


  • Unique - Angry Charge - Changed Tiger Uppercut damage during an Angry Charge from 140 to 150 for light, 160 to 170 for medium, and 240 to 250 for EX version.
  • Normal - Crouching Medium Punch - Expanded strike hitbox for deep hit.


  • Special - Heavy Spiral Arrow - Changed active periods from (first hit) 2F + 17F to 7F + 12F. (Overall active period unchanged.)
  • Special - Quick Spin Knuckle - Decreased distance all versions push back when blocked.

Capcom is offering the change log in five languages:

In : PC

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