New Characters Available for Dungeon Defenders

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For those of you not in the know, the Steam version of Dungeon Defenders recently got a sweet bit of DLC with brand-new characters. There’s a female Squire (the Countess), female Apprentice (the Adept), male Hunter (the Ranger) and female Monk (the Initiate). It’s not just a clever re-skinning, folks; they’re brand new characters with completely new stats and abilities!

Dungeon Defenders

Those who purchase and have purchased the DLC will now find that an eight-player Uber Monster Fest has now been unlocked! It’s a lot like the Moster Fest you’ve come to know and love, but dialed up for eight-player madness with an insane ramp up of difficulty and the only way to play eight-players co-op as of yet in the game.

Dungeon Defenders has been quite the ride with many players falling head over heels for the looting madness, and it’s been absolutely fantastic to be a part of. In fact, the community is so passionate about the game, they’ve created their own way to trade items called It’s a well-developed, community supported auction house. As a thank you, we’re adding links to the store into the game, making it even easier to trade your beloved loot.

Also, the game has been going through a ton of changes – including balance fixes, adding a first person mode and more. The guys at Trendy are hard at work to come up with even more DLC for all platforms to get their hands on, so definitely stay tuned!

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