Blacklight Retribution Closed Beta is Now Live

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 Perfect World Entertainment Inc today announced the launch of closed beta testing for its free-to-play first-person shooter, Blacklight Retribution.Blacklight retirbution

In Blacklight Retribution , players battle in near-future combat zones utilizing customized gear and weaponry to takedown opponents online.

Key features include:

• Customization: Inspired by advanced car tuning, Blacklight allows players to customize everything about a weapon, from its barrel, to ammo types, stocks, muzzles, optics, colors and even weapon tags.

• Advanced Technology: Powered by Unreal 3 and featuring full DirectX 11 support, Blacklight brings the latest and greatest graphics to FPS gamers.

• Future Perfect: Knowledge is power. And, with tools like the Hyper Reality Visor (HRV), gamers can see enemy locations, team movements and primary objectives to get into the fight faster.
• Develop A Class: Define a unique play style based on loadouts and equipment. Become a heavily armored sniper, a nimble light machinegunner or anything in-between.

• Weapon Depots: Unlock rail guns, grenade launchers and even the epic mechanized Hardsuit via Weapon Depots to punctuate a victory.

• Community and Clans: Blacklight Retribution features first-class clan creation and competitive ladders.

For more information about Blacklight Retribution, or to join the Blacklight Retribution community and play the beta, please visit:

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