Train Conductor 2 USA Now Available for Android

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The award winning Train Conductor series is out now on the Android Market with more than double the content of the iOS version. Five million people worldwide are already enjoying theTrain Conductor 2 USA series and Android users are the first to access a new level, an exclusive play mode, and countless improvements throughout this epic train-delivering adventure.

Train Conductor is all about quick strategic decisions and superior hand-eye coordination as players guide locomotives across the horizontal tracks while avoiding head-on collisions with other trains. The game gets progressively harder as players advance, with an increased number of trains varying in length, speed and frequency.

Train Conductor features nine cities from the USA, offering unique gameplay inspired by famous U.S. landmarks. Players must route trains through New York’s complex subway network, connect trains over the Grand Canyon and clear snow monsters from the treacherous Rocky Mountains.

Developers, The Voxel Agents, have added an entirely new mode of play to the game exclusively for Android. Challenge Mode pits your skills against friends and strangers in a weekly contest. A new Challenge Mode has been added to each location in the game, more than doubling it’s size. Other exclusive content in the Android version includes special “gold trains” that unlock gameplay rewards, a high scoring “Droid” train, and a new city, Chicago.

Train Conductor 2: USA is available now on the Android Market with a price of US $1.99. For a first in the Train Conductor series, a free lite version has also launched alongside the full version.

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