City of Heroes Freedom Brings New Signature Story Arc Piece, Incarnate Trials

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Delivering on the promise of more content with more options, more often, the latest update to City of Heroes includes the new Titan Weapons Power Set with earth-shattering heavy weapons and abilities. Followed by the latest Signature Story Arc in the gripping journey that asks “Who will Die?” Meanwhile, new Incarnate Trials via Issue 21.5 Media Blitz will bring players face to face with some of their most powerful foes – Emperor Cole and Mother Mayhem – in two scenarios that will decide the fate of Praetoria and its peoples.

Things kick off with our Titan Weapons Power Set which give players the ability to wield massive weapons with skill, accuracy and devastating power! The full power set is detailed in the video below

 Next up is Signature Story Arc 4 of 7, continues our epic journey, that will lead to one of the most shocking finales City of Heroes has ever seen. Signature Story Arc 4 is free for VIP players and available for purchase to premium players through the Paragon Market.City of Heroes Story arc 4 of 7

Issue 21.5, Media Blitz brings two new Incarnate Trials exclusively to VIP players:

Total Praetoria Network will test your skills as a group – communication and coordination are the name of the game. It’s up to your team to broadcast your message and expose Emperor Cole to win the trust and support of all Praetorians.

Minds of Mayhem brings Mother Mayhem into the picture to ensure Praetorians remain under control. However, she extends her will too far leaving your league as the only force left that can stop her global mind control. Break through her defenses and disconnect her from the network to save Praetoria from a fate of mental imprisonment.

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