New Content Update Available for Skyrama

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 Successful airport managers need to utilize all their skills in Skyrama the newest title in Bigpoint’s casual gaming series: The largest most recent content update incorporates aSkyrama comprehensive economic system in which players manage production, trade and freight logistics at their airports.  

Skyrama lets players manage their own airport, including air traffic control and maintaining passenger and customer satisfaction.  Now there are exciting new features: Players can dispatch their airplanes all over the world to import exotic raw materials. Subsequently, the materials can be processed at the airport and the products can be sold to passengers. Existing buildings have integrated the new system with modifications to increase economic benefit: Old warehouses have been removed to make way for freight parking spaces and provide sufficient storage space for raw materials. In addition to new freight airplanes, freight parking spaces and warehouses, there are new airport shops where previously available duty-free goods have been adapted to fit the new system. Passenger waiting times have also been reduced to a maximum of two nights before they decide to go elsewhere.

Play the live version of Skyrama on the official website

Check out the trailer for Skyrama:

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