New Trumpet of the Legionnaire Expansion for Eudemons Online Coming 22 December 2011

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The MMORPG Eudemons Online continues to expand its mythical universe with an all-new expansion, Trumpet of the Legionnaire. Trumpet of the Legionnaire will be focusing on theEudemons Online magical prowess of the “Legion” Eudemons. On December 22nd, players must heed the call to arms as the Legion War rages on. An all-new trailer has been released to sound the call to battle, featuring the start of the war between dragons and men.

Eudemons Online is well known in the MMO space for its fun pets system, so it can be expected that original, colorful and creative Eudemons and mounts will be added to the world in the new expansion. These new Legion Eudemons and mounts will add extra battle power during combat, however, obtaining these pets will prove more challenging than before. They can only be summoned once you visit the Legion towers. The Legion towers will evolve the current pet system of these rare, mystical creatures. As you upgrade the towers, the Legion Eudemons and mounts will become increasingly more powerful. To upgrade the towers, the Legion members must work hard and stick together through menacing trials.

Players must build up their own Legion and defeat all the other Legions to prove their Legion’s dominance in the war. Fire and chaos continues to fuel the Legion War. Which Legion will be strong enough to dominate the world? On December 22, destiny will be decided.

Check out the Trumpet of the Legionnaire trailer:

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