Street Fighter X Tekken Divine Speed Gem Details

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The Gem System, which as everyone knows, is a system that boosts a character’s parameters and is a strategic and ground-breaking system for the fighting game genre.

Gems help form the foundation of the battle system in SFxTK and are broken up into two main categories. The first category is the Boost Gem. Whether you’re using Ryu or Kazuya, the character you’re controlling gets a boost with these Gems. The other category is the Assist Gem. This doesn’t help out the character, but rather the player controlling the character.

Street Fighter X Tekken

Equip 3 Divine Speed Gems and you’ll move much faster than before.

The Divine Speed Gem increases your character’s movement speed, but does not necessarily increase the speed of your normal or special attacks. Also, the effects of this Gem only last 15 seconds at most, so once it wears off your character returns to a normal speed.

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