Celebrate the Holidays With Sony Online

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Sony Online Entertainment is celebrating the winter season with jolly activities and festive events in several of its hit online titles, including DC Universe Online, EverQuest, EverQuest II, Free Realms, Pox Nora, Magic: The Gathering - Tactics, and Star Wars: Clone WarsHoliday Special at Sony Online Adventures!

 This month, holiday cheer will be found in select SOE games with a 12 Days event scheduled to run from Dec. 13-24, 2011, offering players daily in-game surprises including festive activities, special sales and new items. 

SOE will also host a holiday charity drive to benefit Child’s Play, a game industry charity dedicated to improving the lives of children with toys and games in a worldwide network of hospitals. The drive, which is scheduled to run now until Dec. 31, 2011, features select marketplace items for in-game purchase -- for each specific item purchased, SOE will donate $10 to Child’s Play, supporting children throughout the holiday season.  

Beyond 12 Days and Child’s Play Charity, SOE spreads holiday cheer with additional virtual world events and activities:  

DC Universe Online: On the heels of DCUO going Free-to-Play, this holiday season brings forth a villainous Larfleeze, who is angry that Santa Claus has not brought him any gifts for the winter holiday season. Outraged, he decides he wants everything from the holiday for himself and has stashed stolen holiday items throughout Gotham and Metropolis until he can send them off-world to his home planet. Players can support SOE’s Child’s Play Charity Drive by purchasing the Tall Top Hat; while it won’t make you any better at rhyming, this tall top hat might just let loose your inner child. For detailed information, please visit: www.dcuniverseonline.com.  

EverQuest: This year, Frostfell -- the light-hearted Norrathian holiday festival held in the season of Deepice -- will be celebrated in EverQuest from Dec. 14, 2011 to Jan. 8, 2012. Santug Claugg has fallen in love with the strange alien creatures known as "braxi" and is determined to capture, tame and train them to pull his sleigh. As players embark on this year’s holiday adventure to bring Santug his "braxi", they can support SOE’s Child’s Play Charity Drive by purchasing the Candy Cane Weapon Ornamentation, which will change the appearance of their weapon into a large candy cane. For detailed information, please visit: www.eqplayers.com

EverQuest II: Frostfell will also return to EverQuest II. During this festive time, players will share food, exchange gifts, and celebrate friends and kinship. Support SOE’s Child’s Play Charity Drive by purchasing the "Child’s Play Charity Pack," which contains both a house pet version of the Child’s Play Cube, and a cosmetic pet spell for the same. This Norrathian version of a child’s building block comes with two options: the house pet version is placed in a player’s home and will randomly roll around the house, and the cosmetic pet version is a spell players cast which summons a cube that follows them out in the world. For detailed information, please visit: www.eq2players.com

Free Realms: Snow Days are back for the third annual gleeful winter celebration in Free Realms. Players will catch the holiday fever when the enchanted Gifting Tree comes into bloom, bringing with it fun, simple quests in which players can collect presents and holiday-themed wearables and items. Players can also earn more rewards by participating in "Snowball Fighting" and the "Snowman Showdown" world event, both only available during winter holiday festivities. Also, to support SOE’s Child’s Play Charity Drive, players can purchase a festive unicorn donned in snowflakes. For detailed information, please visit: www.FreeRealms.com.   

Magic: The Gathering - Tactics: This holiday season, surprises await players in Magic: The Gathering - Tactics. Players can get into the season of giving by supporting SOE’s Child’s Play Charity Drive and purchasing the Child’s Play Pack, equipped with three Set 1 boosters and a new spell. For detailed information, please visit: www.magicthegatheringtactics.com.  

Pox Nora: Players are encouraged to log in and see what holiday delight is waiting for them in Pox Nora. Additionally, players can support SOE’s Child’s Play Charity Drive by purchasing Heritage Packs I, II & III, which include legendaries like Centaur Savage and Boghopper Blackhand. For detailed information, please visit: http://poxnora.station.sony.com/index.do.  

Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures: Get into the holiday spirit with "Grievous Steals Life Day," a special stage of Republic Defender running now through January 13, 2012. With holiday-themed items for sale in the marketplace and festive decorations throughout the Jedi temple, clones are sure to catch the holiday fever this season. Support SOE’s Child’s Play Charity Drive by purchasing the R2-KT Astromech Droid; this pink, purple, and white companion was designed to brighten your day, and also support a good cause! For detailed information, please visit:  www.CloneWarsAdventures.com.

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