The Eighth and Final Profession Available for Guild Wars 2

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NCsoft and ArenaNet are excited to reveal additional information on the mesmer, the eighth and final profession for Guild Wars 2, already awarded several most anticipated games forGuild Wars 2 2012. . Introduced in the original Guild Wars, the mesmer has been revamped, reimagined and redesigned for a standalone role in Guild Wars 2. This signature profession celebrates its return to the Guild Wars series by demonstrating an enhanced command of the magic, illusion and sorcery that made the mesmer a profession favorite of the series.

The mesmer relies on a wide range of abilities to make it a formidable foe:
  • Illusions: the mesmer is the master of illusion on the battlefield, tricking its foes and sowing confusion among its enemies. Whether using casted lookalike Clones, or the impressively strong Phantasms, the mesmer can trick, deceive and decimate the enemy through the use of their illusions.
  • Shattering: Not only can the mesmer create illusions, but it can take them away. By using the mesmer’s various shatter skills, the mesmer can destroy their own illusions resulting in various attacks and support effects.
  • Mantras: As a skill with two phases, the Mantra ability demonstrates its power with the ability to be charged before battle. With the Mantra charged, the mesmer gains an instant casting skill that they can used to deliver immediate damage while charging other spells.
With the its ability to wield stronger and more powerful illusions, the mesmer moves up from a support role to take its place as the versatile master of magic in Guild Wars 2.
As an extra treat for fans, ArenaNet is hosting a special Reddit Ask Me Anything developer conversation today, in which media and players are encouraged ask questions to find additional details on the mesmer.
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