League of Legends Snowdown Showdown Event

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Riot Games, developer and publisher of the acclaimed PC game League of Legends, today announced the kickoff of their annual Snowdown Showdown celebration, featuring newLeague of Legends Snowdown Showdown holiday-themed skins for several champions, a fresh blanket of snow on the Summoner’s Rift battlefield, and more!

 Here are some of the Snowdown Showdown festivities summoners can enjoy from now until January 10th:

All-new, limited-edition skins:

  • Festive Maokai – Everyone’s favorite grumpy old tree gets adorned with lights, ornaments, and other holiday decorations.
  • Snowmerdinger – Heimerdinger gets adorned with the classic snowman apparel, right down to a carrot nose.
  • Mistletoe LeBlanc – LeBlanc, the Deceiver gets into the holiday spirit with a red and green outfit.
  • Toy Soldier Gangplank – A perfect (and festive) wooden toy replica of the pirate champion.

Winter Summoner’s Rift: A snowstorm has blown through Summoner’s Rift! We’ve also hung up a few holiday decorations and even the minions are in the Snowdown spirit, donning special holiday hats to fit the occasion!

Holiday Runes: Save some of your valuable Influence Points this holiday season by picking up these special, limited edition holiday runes!

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