Snakebyte Introduces Cam Clip For Xbox 360 and PS3

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If you own a Kinect or the PlayStation Eye you are familiar with the issue: If the camera is not positioned correctly, the player will not be detected correctly. Another common problem: the camera falls off the shelf because it was placed loosely in front of the TV. The solution: The snakebyte cam:clip mounts for Xbox 360 Kinect and PlayStation Eye.Kinect Wall Mount

One of the handy features of the snakebyte cam:clip is the stepless adjustability. Easily adjust the cam:clip to your TV’s width; anywhere between 1.2 and 4.3 inches. Additionally the snakebyte cam:clip comes with two tensioning arms in different sizes for the perfect fit for almost any LCD/LED or plasma TV.

If you don’t want to mount your Kinect camera to your TV, the snakebyte cam:clip offers an additional option to perfectly and safely mount it. With the included wall-mount the Kinect camera can be mounted on your wall, independently from you TV.

Due to more advantageous placement of the Kinect and the PlayStation Eye with the snakebyte cam:clip the gaming precision will be improved since the camera mounted on the TV or to the wall is place in the perfect angle in relation the player.

The snakebyte cam:clip for PlayStation Eye and Xbox 360 Kinect is available now for RRP 14,99€ (Kinect) and 9,99€ (PlayStation Eye).


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