New X-Men Characters Join Marvel Super Hero Squad Online

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Gazillion Entertainment declares December X-Men month with the unveiling of several new students and faculty members from Professor Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters in The X-men cometh!Marvel Super Hero Squad Online! Kids of all ages can battle the Brotherhood of Mutants with the powerful Phoenix, go BAMF! in the blink of an eye as Nightcrawler, phase through walls as Shadowcat, be the coolest hero in Super Hero City with Iceman or become any of a dozen X-Men Super Heroes in this free-to-play online kids game.

Marvel Super Hero Squad Online unveils Wolverine’s "A Day to Remember" and "Unexpected Attention" along with Rogue’s "Practice Makes Perfect" and "Crash Course" collectible card quests for the card battle system. The game is on to collect, build and personalize the most powerful deck and take on all potential challengers! Along with being able to earn new cards via these quests, players can purchase limited-edition cards online.


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